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Sanditon Season 3

Sanditon Season 3


For the yearly social gathering, Charlotte travels with her fiancé back to the seaside resort from the Regency era. She wasn't sure how she felt about seeing Colburn again. Her darkest worries materialized after she made the decision to be transparent. While everything is going on, Georgiana's riches are shockingly in jeopardy, and Edward is trying to convince Lady Denham that he has changed.

air date

March. 19,2023

production companies

Red Planet Pictures

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Sanditon Season 3 Episode Guide

Episode 1

S3 E1 Episode 1

Mar. 19,2023

Charlotte arrive back at the Regency era seaside resort—fiancé in tow—for the society event of the year. Seeing Colbourne again leaves her feeling uncertain. Meanwhile, Georgiana receives a shocking threat to her fortune, and Edward tries to prove to Lady Denham that he is a changed man.

Episode 2

S3 E2 Episode 2

Mar. 26,2023

Georgiana faces a nearly impossible task in trying to find a lawyer, but help arrives from a surprising place. Lady Denham accepts a new vision for the town and spars with an old flame. Arthur makes a new friend.

Episode 3

S3 E3 Episode 3

Apr. 02,2023

Georgiana gets a surprise visit. Colbourne’s shooting party goes ahead and Charlotte has to confront all that she’s lost. Mary and Tom cross swords over his plans for the old town.

Episode 4

S3 E4 Episode 4

Apr. 09,2023

Charlotte attempts to distance herself from Colbourne but as they are repeatedly thrown into each other’s orbit, their chemistry rises. Meanwhile Georgiana is unravelling and makes a surprising decision to protect herself.

Episode 5

S3 E5 Episode 5

Apr. 16,2023

Charlotte and Colbourne rush to Augusta’s aid and it’s revealed whether Edward really is a changed man or not. Tom secures a financial investment… but is delivered some devastating news. And whilst love blossoms elsewhere, Arthur’s heart is broken.

Episode 6

S3 E6 Episode 6

Apr. 23,2023

Charlotte desperately wants to tell Colbourne the truth about her feelings, but a shocking revelation stops her in her tracks. Having opened her heart, Georgiana’s worst fears are realized when she discovers she has been abandoned.

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Cast of Sanditon Season 3

Rose Williams

Charlotte Heywood

Ben Lloyd-Hughes

Alexander Colbourne

Crystal Clarke

Miss Lambe

Anne Reid

Lady Denham

Kris Marshall

Tom Parker

Jack Fox

Edward Denham