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Sling Blade

8 R

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Karl Childers (Billy Bob Thornton) who is mentally handicapped and have been hospitalized in a psychiatric hospital since he was 12 after murdering his mother and her lover with a sling blade, he is released to start living a new life in his childhood town. Karl helps and makes friend with a young boy named Frank (Lucas Black), and their friendship is growing. Frank’s mom Linda’s boyfriend Doyle is a mean and violent person and keeps insulting Karl and Frank's father, conflict is exacerbated…


Billy Bob Thornton,Dwight Yoakam,J.T. Walsh,John Ritter, Lucas Black,Natalie Canerday

release date

August. 30,1996

run time

2 hr 15 min


Billy Bob Thornton


Billy Bob Thornton

production companies

Miramax,Shooting Gallery

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Full "Sling Blade" movie available to stream on a free trial service from CineMAX

Full "Sling Blade" movie is not available to watch for free online

Full "Sling Blade" movie is not available to stream on a subscription service online

Full "Sling Blade" movie is not available to rent or buy online

Sling Blade: What You Should Know

Q: Where can I watch Sling Blade full movie?

A: There is no Sling Blade full movie sources online,but it is available for purchase on Amazon, $.025 for VHS or $99.99 for Blue Ray

Q:What is the movie Sling Blade about?

A: Sling Blade tells a story of an intellectual disability man called Karl Childers,develops the friendship with a young boy and his mother after relasing from a psychiatric hospital

Q:Where to watch Sling Blade movie free?

A: Sling Blade is not available on all streaming apps

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Sling Blade Full Details

S. No. Movie Name Sling Blade
1 Type Movie
2 Release Date August. 30,1996
3 Language en
4 Run Time 135 mins
5 Streaming On CineMAX
6 Director Billy Bob Thornton

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