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The Real World Season 1

The Real World Season 1


Cameras capture the lives and relationships of a varied group of strangers living together for months on end in this television series. Philadelphia-based Becky, whose father is a psychiatrist, owns and operates an antique store. The year before moving into the Real World apartment, Andre relocated to New York with the indie rock band Reigndance, where he played guitar and sang. The band's hip-hop performer, Heather, is in it. Julie is a young woman from the South who wants to be a dancer.

air date

May. 21,1992

production companies

Bunim-Murray Productions (BMP)

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The Real World Season 1 Episode Guide

This is the True Story...

S1 E1 This is the True Story...

May. 21,1992

It all begins with small-town country girl Julie and her family in Birmingham. Her family is nervous about the whole thing, but Julie is stoked about spending three months in the big city. The seven strangers arrive at the luxurious loft that they'll call home for the next three months. After introducing themselves, they explore the house and find a Love and Sex book. The sex discussion begins, focusing on innocent Julie and her virginity. At dinner, Kevin, Julie and Heather discuss prejudice and racism. Kevin is impressed with Julie's open attitude, considering where she grew up. In fact, Julie and her innocence and enthusiasm have already charmed everyone in the house.

Julie and Eric... Could it be Love?

S1 E2 Julie and Eric... Could it be Love?

May. 28,1992

Hmm...what's going on with Julie and Eric? There is some obvious flirting between the two, but they don't seem to be doing anything about it. After Eric appears in a Jovan Musk commercial that gets him highlighted on television, the whole loft discusses nudity, pornography and whether or not Eric is just selling himself and his good looks to the highest bidder. Heather invites Julie and Eric to visit the studio where she is recording a song for her upcoming album, The System Sucks. It's clear from Heather's hard work and her producer's aggressiveness that the recording business is rough. The sexual tension between Julie and Eric continues as Julie makes her interest more obvious: harassing Eric on the phone, being overtly jealous when Eric talks about his girlfriend Missy, and, as Eric says, showing up in his bed one morning to talk about ""pancakes."" But Eric seems to be into her too--he even shows off for Julie at her hip-hop dance class. Julie is excited by Eric's efforts and his wil

Leather Chaps and Sequins? What is Eric...

S1 E3 Leather Chaps and Sequins? What is Eric...

Jun. 04,1992

Julie gets lost on her way to a new dance studio because she can't follow the directions that Eric gives her. While she is getting critiqued on her performance, Eric is getting naked with a female model at a fitness magazine shoot. When Eric and the model, Taryn, get a little hot and heavy during the shoot, the photographer encourages them. After the shoot, Taryn and Eric begin dating. But Eric is confused by the relationship, as their dates only consist of strange things like trying on ""rocker clothes"" (think leather chaps and sequins). Eric doesn't really understand what she sees in him. Andre's band, Reigndance, is practicing for an upcoming show when the cops show up and shut the rehearsal down. The band plans to perform anyway, and at Julie's urging, several of the roommates watch the show. Grateful for their support, Andre dedicates the song ""Redspot"" to his roommies.

Trouble Throughout the House

S1 E4 Trouble Throughout the House

Jun. 11,1992

Becky is in the studio recording her song, ""Mr. Sunshine."" It's clear she's looking for some action, as she cuddles with friend/producer Adam. Becky later dresses up for a party at the Limelight by putting Dixie cups in her bra. Heather is unnerved by Becky's overt sexual behavior, especially as Becky gets more out of control as the party rages on. A house meeting is called after Heather and Becky wake up Kevin by jumping in his bed after the party. Tension runs high as the roommates gang up on Eric and his visiting sister. Eric feels like nobody gives him a fair shot. Heather suggests he either live with it or go to a hotel. After the meeting, Kevin writes Eric a long letter about their relationship and the current conflicts. The roomies pass around and discuss the letter. Eric gets angrier about the letter as he waits for Kevin to return home. When Kevin does arrive, Eric verbally attacks him for being so passive-aggressive.

Kevin and Eric Mend Their Relationship

S1 E5 Kevin and Eric Mend Their Relationship

Jun. 18,1992

Kevin and Eric go outside to discuss their issues. The argument dies down as the two talk about stereotypes and their inherent differences. They shake hands. Kevin takes Morris, a teenage boy he is mentoring, to dinner and an art exhibit and talks to Morris about having a commitment to help others. Eric is also doing some community service as a probation requirement: He works in a basketball program for troubled kids. But he's got other things on his mind as he anxiously awaits Missy's arrival at the loft. Kevin and Eric become closer as they discuss Missy and Eric's relationship with her. Eric then cements the deal when he invites Kevin to a Knicks game, where the two meet Isaiah Thomas. Kevin gets a chance to peek into Eric's private life as he watches him interact with his dad, an NBA referee.

Kevin... Come Back!

S1 E6 Kevin... Come Back!

Jun. 25,1992

Julie and Kevin's brother/sister dynamic continues as they discuss sex, expectations and fantasies. The roommates, however, are a little bit miffed that Kevin is spending increasingly more time away from the loft, so they decide to play a little prank on him. They toss a bunch of personas in a hat and take on the characters, hoping to fool Kevin into thinking that things have changed while he has been away. Everyone gets into the game, especially Julie, who announces, ""I get to be a whore!"" Kevin returns to the loft, and overwhelmed by what he sees, rushes out of the house. His frightened roomies wonder if he's coming back.

Heather Wants to Grab His Booty!

S1 E7 Heather Wants to Grab His Booty!

Jul. 02,1992

The cast is worried about Kevin because no one knows where he went. Once he returns, they show him the video they made of the joke they played on him and he eventually forgives them. Later, Kevin confesses he considered quitting the show because he thought his roommates were so weird. Meanwhile, Heather constantly professes her love for Hornets basketball player Larry Johnson and says she plans to grab his ass if she ever meets him. Julie and Heather actually attend the Knicks-Hornets game, and Heather flirts incessantly with Larry Johnson afterwards. No booty-grabbing though--this show is strictly G-Rated. A package arrives, informing the ladies of the house that they will spend a week in Jamaica. Becky may need a vacation after the ugly argument she has with Kevin about racism in America.

Becky Falls into Troubled Love

S1 E8 Becky Falls into Troubled Love

Jul. 09,1992

The girls head off to Jamaica, Mon. They hit the beach to scope out the men, and they aren't too proud to beg for some lovin'. The guys are left at the loft in freezing cold New York and are forced to bond with each other. The girls do it all: water-ski, party and enjoy the rays. While relaxing in the spa, the girls picture the guys at home being bored and missing the girls. Back at home, Andre and Kevin head off to a night on the town and talk for the first time. They find themselves not as different from each other as they originally thought. Norman also is far from bored as he develops a relationship with Charles Perez, who he thinks may be the man of his dreams. Julie and Heather leave Jamaica a little disappointed by the available men. Becky, however, returns to NY with a new boyfriend in tow. But he's not from Jamaica; he's from the control room of the loft. Becky is getting it on with a Real World director.

Julie in a Homeless Shelter?

S1 E9 Julie in a Homeless Shelter?

Jul. 16,1992

As the gang prepares for their trip to the pro-choice rally in D.C., Norman is falling head over heels for Charles. Charles doesn't seem quite as ready to make the same commitment. While the rest of the gang is at the rally, Julie finds a ""Reagan-Ville"" filled with homeless people. Julie makes a connection with one of the women in the makeshift community and ends up spending the night. The situation affects Julie deeply and the rest of the loftmates are impressed with Julie's openness to the situation.

He's So Ugly He's Cute!

S1 E10 He's So Ugly He's Cute!

Jul. 23,1992

The cast finds a white, ""alien-like"" dog on the street and name him Yoda. They want to keep the dog but decide to search for its owner. Becky and Andre say that the dog is just so ugly it's cute. Julie's mom comes for a visit and Julie plans to ""tire her out"" by doing the whole tourist scene in New York. They later get into a dispute about their relationship and debate on whether or not it is a good one. Andre's mom also comes for a visit and watches him play with his band.

Julie Thinks Kevin is Psycho!

S1 E11 Julie Thinks Kevin is Psycho!

Jul. 30,1992

Crying hysterically, Julie explains to Norman and Eric that she and Kevin had a fight about a phone call and that Kevin threw a candleholder at her. She is scared of Kevin, thinks he is a psycho, and never wants to be alone with him again. Kevin denies brandishing the candleholder and says that the fight wasn't his fault, because Julie was rude to him on the phone and may have cost him a job. Kevin needs to get some space, so he goes back to Jersey City and walks through his old neighborhood with his girlfriend. The time does him some good and he decides to return to the house to deal with the situation with Julie. They go outside and continue to argue about the fight and differences. After a lot of yelling and harsh words, they finally calm down and apologize to each other. To let it all go, Kevin and Eric throw a big birthday bash. But the fighting isn't over, as Heather tussles with a guest and the police arrive...

WWF is in the House!

S1 E12 WWF is in the House!

Aug. 06,1992

Heather gets arrested and is questioned about her fight. Heather lets it be known that nobody can give her attitude, but she sure can give them a piece of her mind. After a little while, the police let her go and even ask her for an autograph. Heather and Eric fight like brother and sister in the loft. Her stubbornness mixed with Eric's thin skin lead to silly clashes on a regular basis. It all comes to a head when Heather and Eric wrestle through the loft like it's a WWF battle royal.

Goodbye to the Big Apple!

S1 E13 Goodbye to the Big Apple!

Aug. 13,1992

It's the last few days in the house and the gang takes over the production room in the loft. They find out how it feels to be on the other side of the cameras. Becky expresses how the Real World is a real as it gets. Andre feels he has had some great experiences. Kevin confesses how cynical he was in the beginning and how much he's learned from the other members of the cast. Norman confesses that he is not afraid anymore to express his sexuality. The whole cast says their last goodbyes to the Big Apple.

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