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The Killing Season 1

The Killing Season 1


Captain Hisham of the police is compelled to postpone a vacation with his daughter as he starts looking into the death of a powerful person. The media attacked Salma's family. Hisham was more and more certain that there was more to Hassan's narrative than first glances. The famous person was discovered deceased in the vehicle of a national club candidate shortly after.

air date

July. 15,2022


Sadeer Massoud


Mohamed El Masry, Ahmed Gouda, Aly Gabr

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The Killing Season 1 Episode Guide

Episode 1

S1 E1 Episode 1

Jul. 15,2022

Police captain Hisham is forced to cancel his trip with his daughter when he’s assigned the murder case of social media influencer Salma Al Wakeel.

Episode 2

S1 E2 Episode 2

Jul. 15,2022

Awaiting the forensic report, Hisham begins gathering information about Salma from her parents and later investigates the car owner connected to the victim.

Episode 3

S1 E3 Episode 3

Jul. 15,2022

While Salma’s family is harassed by the press, Mustafa interrogates her friends. Hisham finds out about Karim’s involvement in the case.

Episode 4

S1 E4 Episode 4

Jul. 22,2022

Hisham discovers an isolated room in the club and seeks to verify Karim’s DNA against the samples found. Salma’s compromising video falls into her dad’s hands.

Episode 5

S1 E5 Episode 5

Jul. 22,2022

Khaled’s girlfriend notices a bruise on him. Karim’s dad scrambles to send him abroad. Jamal breaks into Karim’s hiding place, intent on avenging his daughter.

Episode 6

S1 E6 Episode 6

Jul. 29,2022

Hisham listens to voice notes revealing Abdel Rahman’s involvement in the case and starts looking into it. Jihan suspects that her husband is hiding something.

Episode 7

S1 E7 Episode 7

Jul. 29,2022

Hisham continues poking holes in Abdel Rahman’s narrative while Jamal’s dark past catches up with him. Later, Jamal finds out the new suspect’s identity.

Episode 8

S1 E8 Episode 8

Aug. 05,2022

As Hisham gains clarity about Abdel Rahman’s true connection to the case, a newcomer shares information that sends the investigation into a whole new direction.

Episode 9

S1 E9 Episode 9

Aug. 05,2022

Khaled must answer questions about a leaked photo and his campaign’s connection to the crime scene. Jamal becomes a person of interest in Karim’s case.

Episode 10

S1 E10 Episode 10

Aug. 12,2022

Jamal comes clean with his wife, who struggles to cope with the truth about his past. Hisham’s research reveals Naji’s identity. A new suspect is arrested.

Episode 11

S1 E11 Episode 11

Aug. 12,2022

Khaled is forced to explain his relationship with Salma. Jamal receives a threat. Hisham interrogates the campaign manager.

Episode 12

S1 E12 Episode 12

Aug. 19,2022

While chasing the car that hit Muhsen, Hisham receives tragic news and must deal with the fallout in his personal life. Jamal and Hasan plan for an operation.

Episode 13

S1 E13 Episode 13

Aug. 19,2022

Mustafa arrives just in time to save Hisham. Izz reveals the full story of his relationship with Salma while Jamal finds himself in grave danger.

Episode 14

S1 E14 Episode 14

Aug. 26,2022

Jamal and Hassan are caught in the crossfire. The fingerprints at the crime scene match those of someone close to Salma.

Episode 15

S1 E15 Episode 15

Aug. 26,2022

Hisham grows certain that there’s more to Hassan’s story than meets the eye. A scary realization dawns on Jihan. Salma’s murderer is revealed.

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Cast of The Killing Season 1

Bassel Khayyat

Reham Abdelghafour

Bassem Samra

Tamer Nabil

Adam El Sharkawy

Ahmed Seyam

Salma Abu Deif

Hamza ElEily

Samar Morsi

Mohamed Alaa