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From Season 2: Next Episode, Plot, Where to Watch, and More Details

From Season 2: Next Episode, Plot, Where to Watch, and More Details

After a long wait, the popular sci-fi horror drama From returns with its second season. It’s a TV series centered on a mysterious American town where all who enter this place are doomed to be trapped there. Embraced by unknown threats and terror, they must fight for survival and find a way out. Fans worldwide are eager to know how the story develops when the residents face new scary monsters and wonder about the truth. Have a look at the following information you might be interested in with us about the next episode, the plot of the new season, and where to watch —all about From season 2.

From Season 2: Next Episode, Plot, Where to Watch, and More Details

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Where can I watch From season 2

Next Episode of From season 2

Following a weekly releasing plan, From season 2 drops on every Sunday on MGM Plus. You can watch it on the following streaming services: Philo, Prime Video, and FuboTV. The show has released six episodes so far, and the coming next episode will air on Sunday, June 4, 2023, titled Belly of the Beast. John Griffin and Jeff Pinkner are the co-screenwriters of episode 7.

How many episodes will From season 2 have

From season 2 consists of 10 episodes like the first season, and each episode runs 45 to 55 minutes. The first episode premieres on April 23, and we can expect its finale drops on June 25. The announced From season 2 release date schedule is as follows. Check it out if you don’t want to miss any new episodes of this hit sci-fi and horror drama.

Episode 1: Strangers in a Strange Land - April 23, 2023

Episode 2: The Kindness of Strangers - April 30, 2023

Episode 3: Tether - May 7, 2023

Episode 4: This Way Gone - May 14, 2023

Episode 5: Lullaby - May 21, 2023

Episode 6: Pas de Deux - May 28, 2023

Episode 7: Belly of the Beast - June 4, 2023

Episode 8: Forest for the Trees - June 11, 2023

Episode 9: Ball of Magic Fire - June 18, 2023

Episode 10: Once Upon a Time?- June 25, 2023

Harold Perrineau in From season 2

What is From Season 2 about

The second season of From follows the town surrounded by mystery and strangeness. A dark force seems to haunt everyone who enters this town and tortures each person trapped there. In the last season, Jim and Tabitha arrive with their family, finding that the other residents struggle to escape the terror. Still, their tries turn out to be in vain, and this nightmare-like place becomes more dangerous with the further threat of the forests surrounding the town. In addition, a kind of scary creature that only comes out at night will also appear when the sun goes down.

In this brand-new season, the hidden truth of this appalling town will be revealed further, and the characters will realize the nature behind the strange phenomenon. From season 2 will pick up from the season 1 finale, in which a busload of newcomers dives into the chaos of the town, and the characters will not only deal with the new arrivals in this season but also fight against the evil force and escape for survival.

The series production team once addressed that fans of From will find the answers they want to know about the strange town: What are the roaming monsters at night? What exactly is the secret and truth in the town? All questions will find the answer as the people trapped in the town experiences more terror and horrible accidents.

David Alpay and Scott McCord in From season 2

Where can I watch From season 2

From TV series is an MGM Plus original, and you can watch it on MGM+ directly through the TV cable. It also offers an ad-free streaming service with a subscription and a seven-day free trial. The other streaming platforms also make it available to stream From season 2, such as Amazon Prime Video Philo, Apple TV, Youtube TV, and DirecTV. For the audience in the United States who want to review From season 1, it is also available on MGM Plus.

If you are a fan of From series living in the U.K., Canada, or other areas, there are also some platforms to enjoy the latest season. In the near future, in 2023, From season 2 will be accessible on NOW TV and SKY in the U.K. Since the accurate premiere date is not confirmed yet, the audience there can review its first season on NOW TV or change the website IP address utilizing VPN to stream From season 2 at the same time as the U.S.

Canadian fans can watch the first season of From on Paramount+ Canada, but there is no accurate release date for season 2 in Canada; we can expect the new season on the same streaming platform. For those drama fans in Australia, From season 2 is available on Stan from April 24, 2023, it offers a generous 30-day free trial to new users before paid subscription.

Can I watch From Season 2 on Prime Video

Exactly yes, you can. It is available to access From TV series season 2 on Amazon Prime Video with a paid subscription. If you are a new customer of Prime Video, you will be provided with seven days free trial. After the trial, it will charge $5.99 per month for the subscription. Another option, Prime Membership, includes more privileged services, which charge $14.99 per month, and the free trial will be extended to 30 days.

Harold Perrineau, Chloe Van Landschoot, Kaelen Ohm, Pegah Ghafoori, and Ricky He in From season 2

Can I watch From Season 2 on FuboTV?

Yes. You can watch From Season 2 on Fubo TV. This MGM+ original series is available as an add-on to FuboTV. When you sign up for it, you can enjoy From on-demand on the Fubo TV app with most mobile devices.

Can I watch From Season 2 on Netflix?

No, both From season 1 and season 2 are unavailable on Netflix. If you want to stream it, you can use the services mentioned above. There are also many hit dramas accessible on Netflix, such as One Punch Man Season 3, Cobra Kai Season 6, and All Of Us Are Dead Season 2.

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