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Industry Season 1

Industry Season 1


The astute realm of global finance is observed from the perspective of a gifted outsider striving to establish her value. Harper Stern is a driven young lady who joins a group of ambitious recent grads at London's top bank, Pierpoint & Co., who are fighting for their futures. Graduates are rushing to satisfy their clients and bosses as layoff day draws near.

air date

November. 09,2020

production companies

Bad Wolf

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Season 1

Industry Season 1 Episode Guide


S1 E1 Induction

Nov. 09,2020

Five young graduates do whatever it takes to make themselves indispensable at preeminent London investment bank Pierpoint & Co. As hungry outsider Harper grapples with a decision that will gravely affect her future at the bank, she and party-boy Robert take very different approaches to their first few weeks in the bank. Meanwhile, Yasmin braves the unchecked disrespect of her superiors and Hari’s unhealthy work habits raise companywide red flags.

Quiet and Nice

S1 E2 Quiet and Nice

Nov. 16,2020

With Harper struggling to find her feet in a new city, Pierpoint throws a morale-boosting appreciation dinner which sees her challenging a drunken, irate Kenny, while Gus alienates senior management by discussing his team’s future. Meanwhile, Yasmin comes face to face with the culture of her new team and takes her flirtation with Robert to risky new heights.

Notting Hill

S1 E3 Notting Hill

Nov. 23,2020

When Pierpoint loses a major client, the grads face their most challenging – and potentially rewarding – test to date: devising pitches to drive new business. After the dissolution of his team finds him reassigned to a disinterested new supervisor, a creative Gus partners with Robert to catch Clement’s attention. Meanwhile, as she navigates a complicated living situation with Yasmin, Harper attempts to juggle conflicting requests from Eric and Daria.


S1 E4 Sesh

Nov. 30,2020

After a wild birthday celebration with Robert, Yasmin, and Greg, Harper’s workday spirals out of control. As a discrepancy in one of her trades puts her team at risk for major losses, Harper seeks support from a surprising source, while unexpected trouble at a networking event brings Yasmin and Robert closer and Gus further alienates his coworkers.

Learned Behaviour

S1 E5 Learned Behaviour

Dec. 07,2020

As Pierpoint is shaken by a former employee's scathing exposé, Eric goes offsite for the day, prompting an unauthorized Gus to cover trades from his desk, while Harper maneuvers her way into a meeting with one of Eric's coveted, disgruntled ex-clients. But when Gus and Harper both cross the line, they risk compromising their futures at the bank. Following Robert's successful first business trip, Clement treats him to a special outing, while Yasmin works her connections to land a major client meeting.


S1 E6 Nutcracker

Dec. 14,2020

Sex, drugs, and secrets light up Pierpoint’s annual holiday party, where Maxim’s unexpected arrival aggravates tensions between Yasmin and Kenny, and Greg finds himself in a painful predicament after partying a little too hard with Robert and Usman. After confiding in Daria, Harper is blindsided by a meeting with Sara, the president of the London office.

Pre-Crisis Activity

S1 E7 Pre-Crisis Activity

Dec. 21,2020

With Reduction in Force Day looming, the graduates do whatever it takes to secure final recommendations from their superiors and solidify vital client relationships. At a dinner party hosted by Yasmin and Sebastian, resentment and jealousy bubble to the surface, and Harper divulges confidential company business.

Reduction in Force

S1 E8 Reduction in Force

Dec. 21,2020

After a tumultuous few months at Pierpoint, the graduates take vastly different approaches as they stand before senior management to prove they’re worthy of permanent positions. Following an unexpected meeting with a familiar face, Harper contends with a decision that could transform the culture of Pierpoint.

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Cast of Industry Season 1

Myha’la Herrold

Harper Stern

Marisa Abela

Yasmin Kara-Hanani

Harry Lawtey

Robert Spearing

David Jonsson

Gus Sackey

Conor MacNeill

Kenny Kilblane

Ken Leung

Eric Tao

Indy Lewis

Venetia Berens

Alex Alomar Akpobome

Danny Van Deventer

Katrine De Candole

Celeste Pacquet

Sagar Radia

Rishi Ramdani