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Sanditon Season 2

Sanditon Season 2


After returning to Sanditon, Alison's romantic dreams are fading, and she wants to leave. A team of officers came to town and changed some people's lives. Esther's future is still bleak. Georgiana meets an interesting artist and also makes a decision that will affect her future. Charlotte wondered what her future would be like.

air date

March. 20,2022

production companies

Red Planet Pictures

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Sanditon Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1

S2 E1 Episode 1

Mar. 20,2022

Charlotte returns to Sanditon in unexpected circumstances. A company of Army Officers descend on the town, offering romantic opportunities. Meanwhile, Georgiana meets an intriguing artist and Esther Babington has an unwanted encounter with her past.

Episode 2

S2 E2 Episode 2

Mar. 27,2022

Charlotte starts her new job as governess for the mysterious Alexander Colbourne. Alison longs for her knight in shining armor. Georgiana receives bad news, and Tom and Colonel Lennox make plans for Sanditon’s development.

Episode 3

S2 E3 Episode 3

Apr. 03,2022

Charlotte and Alexander Colbourne reach an understanding as she and Colonel Lennox enjoy a close encounter. Alison falls for her new beau. Clara seeks Esther’s help.

Episode 4

S2 E4 Episode 4

Apr. 10,2022

Tension mounts when Colbourne and Colonel Lennox reunite at Lady Denham’s garden party. Georgiana learns a vital piece of information about her inheritance. Alison’s proposal nearly ends in tragedy.

Episode 5

S2 E5 Episode 5

Apr. 17,2022

Lennox and Colbourne’s rivalry over Charlotte comes to a head. Georgiana makes a decision that will impact her future. Edward’s manipulation of Esther takes a dark turn as Alison realizes what she has been missing.

Episode 6

S2 E6 Episode 6

Apr. 24,2022

Alison prepares to leave Sanditon with her dreams of romance fading. Esther faces a bleak future. Charlotte wonders what her future will look like. Georgiana learns shocking truths when Sidney’s belongings are returned.

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Cast of Sanditon Season 2

Rose Williams

Charlotte Heywood

Ben Lloyd-Hughes

Alexander Colbourne

Crystal Clarke

Miss Lambe

Anne Reid

Lady Denham

Kris Marshall

Tom Parker

Jack Fox

Edward Denham