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Young Justice Season 4

Young Justice Season 4


In Young Justice season 6, a bigger challenge awaits Miss Martian, Superboy, Beastboy, and Martian Manhunter. When they take the adventure, Superboy gets stuck in his Zone-induced fog, and Miss Martian rescues him. Most of the evil Zod clan changes their mind, and they are sent to the Zone by Danny Chase. In the end, the team must face a fierce battle with Zod.

air date

October. 16,2021

production companies

DC Comics, Warner Bros. Animation, DC Entertainment

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Season 4

Young Justice Season 4 Episode Guide


S4 E1 Inhospitable

Oct. 16,2021

Miss Martian, Superboy, Beast Boy, and Martian Manhunter take a little vacation...to somewhat unfriendly climes.


S4 E2 Needful

Oct. 16,2021

While attempting to solve a growing list of mysteries, Miss Martian, Superboy, and Beast Boy consult with royalty.


S4 E3 Volatile

Oct. 21,2021

Miss Martian and Superboy grapple with family traditions, while Beast Boy struggles with something much darker.


S4 E4 Involuntary

Oct. 28,2021

Answers come to light as Beast Boy, Miss Martian, and Superboy uncover an awful truth.

Tale of Two Sisters

S4 E5 Tale of Two Sisters

Nov. 04,2021

Just as multiple Shadows fall across her path, Artemis Crock’s life is interrupted by devastating news.

Artemis Through the Looking-Glass

S4 E6 Artemis Through the Looking-Glass

Nov. 11,2021

Tigress catches up with her sister, Cheshire, as a Shadowed history catches up with them both.

The Lady, or the Tigress?

S4 E7 The Lady, or the Tigress?

Nov. 18,2021

Oracle’s memories challenge Tigress’ decision to trust her new allies.

I Know Why the Caged Cat Sings

S4 E8 I Know Why the Caged Cat Sings

Nov. 25,2021

For Tigress, saving everyone may not be an option - unless help is offered from an unexpected source.


S4 E9 Odnu!

Dec. 02,2021

Zatanna and her protégés find themselves on the brink of war.

Nomed Esir!

S4 E10 Nomed Esir!

Dec. 09,2021

Zatanna and her protégés encounter new allies…and an ancient foe.

Teg Ydaer!

S4 E11 Teg Ydaer!

Dec. 16,2021

Thirteen and her friends face their greatest challenge yet.

Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!

S4 E12 Og Htrof Dna Reuqnoc!

Dec. 23,2021

Zatanna must rally the Sentinels of Magic before Chaos consumes the Earth.

Kaerb Ym Traeh!

S4 E13 Kaerb Ym Traeh!

Dec. 30,2021

Zatanna and the Sentinels of Magic gain unlikely allies – but will it be enough?

Nautical Twilight

S4 E14 Nautical Twilight

Mar. 31,2022

Kaldur’ahm chews algae, while Violet Harper cuts vegetables.

Ebb Tide

S4 E15 Ebb Tide

Mar. 31,2022

While Clark Kent gets all the news that’s fit to print, Kaldur’ahm hears old family stories from his parents.

Emergency Dive

S4 E16 Emergency Dive

Mar. 31,2022

Kaldur’ahm, Wyynde, and La’gann go for a swim. King Orin goes fishing.

Leviathan Wakes

S4 E17 Leviathan Wakes

Apr. 07,2022

Kaldur’ahm searches… Atlantis finds.

Beyond The Grip of the Gods!

S4 E18 Beyond The Grip of the Gods!

Apr. 14,2022

Rocket gets a reality check… and reality’s ready to collect.

Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!

S4 E19 Encounter Upon the Razor's Edge!

Apr. 21,2022

Rocket misses one conference… while another goes poorly.

Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!

S4 E20 Forbidden Secrets of Civilizations Past!

Apr. 28,2022

Rocket learns the hard way that nothing stays buried forever.

Odyssey of Death!

S4 E21 Odyssey of Death!

May. 05,2022

When one portal opens for Rocket, another closes… forever.

Rescue and Search

S4 E22 Rescue and Search

May. 12,2022

Bart Allen goes shopping. Zatanna Zatara talks baseball. Plus, the return of Daring Dan Danger!

Ego and Superego

S4 E23 Ego and Superego

May. 19,2022

After refurbishing an old bus, Nightwing and the gang hit the road.

Zenith and Abyss

S4 E24 Zenith and Abyss

May. 26,2022

Team Trauma on Trombus!

Over and Out

S4 E25 Over and Out

Jun. 02,2022

You can go home again… but beware of hitchhikers.

Death and Rebirth

S4 E26 Death and Rebirth

Jun. 09,2022

The very next final battle for the planet Earth...

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Cast of Young Justice Season 4

Jesse McCartney

Dick Grayson / Robin / Nightwing (voice)

Khary Payton

Kaldur'ahm / Aquaman (voice)

Nolan North

Conner Kent / Superboy (voice)

Danica McKellar

M'gaan M'orzz / Megan Morse / Miss Martian (voice)

Stephanie Lemelin

Artemis Crock / Artemis / Tigress (voice)

Lacey Chabert

Zatanna Zatara / Zatanna (voice)

Denise Boutte

Raquel Ervin / Rocket (voice)

Greg Cipes

Garfield Logan / Beast Boy (voice)