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You Season 3


In You season 3, Joe and Love get married and live in a fictitious Californian suburb, raising their newborn son. Joe can't help repeating his obsession with a next-door neighbor Natalie Engler, and Love decides to take action to prevent her family dream from being ruined by Joe. However, after dealing with the issues about Natalie, Joe turns his interest to a librarian named Marienne.

air date

October. 15,2021

production companies

Warner Bros. Television, Alloy Entertainment, A+E Studios

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Season 3

You Season 3 Episode Guide

And They Lived Happily Ever After

S3 E1 And They Lived Happily Ever After

Oct. 15,2021

After a delivery room surprise, new dad Joe struggles to connect with his infant child, but he has no trouble at all fostering a new infatuation.

So I Married an Axe Murderer

S3 E2 So I Married an Axe Murderer

Oct. 15,2021

Joe and Love try couples therapy, but their issues may need more than counseling – and their friction isn't the only thing they need to make disappear.

Missing White Woman Syndrome

S3 E3 Missing White Woman Syndrome

Oct. 15,2021

Love grows apprehensive as media scrutiny intensifies next door. An acute sickness in the family drudges up old memories – and worse – for Joe.

Hands Across Madre Linda

S3 E4 Hands Across Madre Linda

Oct. 15,2021

An impulsive retaliation by Love lands her and Joe in a bind. Though Joe seeks a different way out than usual, it proves to be a tall order.

Into the Woods

S3 E5 Into the Woods

Oct. 15,2021

Joe begrudgingly goes on a hunting trip with some other local husbands as Love tries to manage her burgeoning relationship with Theo.


S3 E6 W.O.M.B.

Oct. 15,2021

As her mother launches a new venture, Love grows increasingly concerned about a potential big change herself. Joe has a breakthrough in self-awareness.

We're All Mad Here

S3 E7 We're All Mad Here

Oct. 15,2021

While Dottie spirals into emotional turmoil, Love tries to get intel on Matthew's investigation. Joe sets his sights on derailing Marienne's ex.

Swing and a Miss

S3 E8 Swing and a Miss

Oct. 15,2021

Joe selfishly tries to coerce Love into a lifestyle change, but things go south quickly. Theo discovers just how deep Matthew's obsession goes.

Red Flag

S3 E9 Red Flag

Oct. 15,2021

While Love tends to some unexpected long-term guests, Joe decides to take a drastic step to get what he wants the most.

What Is Love?

S3 E10 What Is Love?

Oct. 15,2021

As news permeates the community about a recent murder, Joe looks toward a future with Marienne – but hell hath no fury like Love scorned.

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Cast of You Season 3

Penn Badgley

Joe Goldberg

Charlotte Ritchie

Kate Galvin

Tilly Keeper

Phoebe Borehall-Blaxworth

Amy-Leigh Hickman

Nadia Farran

Ed Speleers

Rhys Montrose

Lukas Gage

Adam Pratt