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Virgin River Season 4

Virgin River Season 4


To deal with her new situation, MEL sought medical attention. She is accompanied by a tense Jack, whose history is a danger to his present. Doc is in a pickle because of Hope's perplexity. The advent of fresh faces and the addition of a new doctor to the clinic cause trouble in Virgin River.

air date

July. 20,2022

production companies

Reel World Management

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Virgin River Season 4 Episode Guide

Be My Baby

S4 E1 Be My Baby

Jul. 20,2022

Mel seeks medical care, with a nervous Jack by her side. Hope's confusion puts Doc in a tough position. A new doctor joins the practice.

Father Knows Best...?

S4 E2 Father Knows Best...?

Jul. 20,2022

Jack and Brie's father causes friction when he comes into town. An incident at work affects Mel. Doc gets to know his unexpected visitor.


S4 E3 Grilled

Jul. 20,2022

Mel plans a dinner for Cameron to meet Jack, but plans go awry. Connie warns Lizzie to be careful with Denny. Preacher befriends his aikido teacher.

Serious As A...

S4 E4 Serious As A...

Jul. 20,2022

Hope's concussive symptoms continue, frustrating both her and Doc. Meanwhile, Mel asks Preacher to help her surprise a stubborn Jack.


S4 E5 Mayday

Jul. 20,2022

After Hope and friends sew the costumes, Lizzie and Ricky rehearse for the Renaissance Fair. Brie and Mike team up to investigate who paid Brady's bond.

All's Faire...

S4 E6 All's Faire...

Jul. 20,2022

The Renaissance Fair kicks off. Mel worries about Jack after a familiar face triggers painful memories. Denny watches Lizzie and Ricky perform.

Otherwise Engaged

S4 E7 Otherwise Engaged

Jul. 20,2022

Joey arrives with some shocking news that has Mel questioning her sister's judgment. Jack brainstorms a new revenue stream.

Talk to Me

S4 E8 Talk to Me

Jul. 20,2022

Mel plans a surprise for Joey but is distracted by her concern for Jack. Lizzie struggles with telling Doc what she saw in Denny's drawer.


S4 E9 Bombshells

Jul. 20,2022

Mel deals with the aftermath of Jack's disappearance while also getting troubling news from Stacie. Mike and Brie continue their search for Calvin.

Fire and Rain

S4 E10 Fire and Rain

Jul. 20,2022

Charmaine asks Jack for support at the baby shower. Mel has a tough conversation with Cassandra. Preacher worries about Christopher after their call.

Once Again

S4 E11 Once Again

Jul. 20,2022

Vernon and Hope argue about seeking in-home care, Mel confronts Cameron about his odd behavior, and Jack gets his glamping Airstream up and running.

The Long Goodbye

S4 E12 The Long Goodbye

Jul. 20,2022

Mel and Jack finally receive the results they've been waiting on. Lizzie organizes a send-off for Ricky before speaking to Denny about his secret.

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Cast of Virgin River Season 4

Alexandra Breckenridge

Melinda Monroe

Martin Henderson

Jack Sheridan

Colin Lawrence

John "Preacher" Middleton

Benjamin Hollingsworth

Dan Brady

Lauren Hammersley

Charmaine Roberts