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Too Hot to Handle Season 3

Too Hot to Handle Season 3


Single men and women compete for attention and disclose personal information about their romantic relationships on the island of pleasure. All of this came to an abrupt halt when Lana arrived. Heaven becomes tense as the transgressors deal with reality. The result of a love ordeal is finally revealed, for better or worse. In conclusion, single men and women reconnect. The season's grand prize winner is revealed at the last session, which brings back memories.

air date

January. 19,2022

production companies

Talkback Thames

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Too Hot to Handle Season 3 Episode Guide

No Pleasure Island

S3 E1 No Pleasure Island

Jan. 19,2022

On "Pleasure Island," the singles strut their stuff, compete for catches and share the dirty details of their love lives, till Lana crashes the party.

The Midnight Train to Georgia

S3 E2 The Midnight Train to Georgia

Jan. 19,2022

After two singles set the record for the fastest rule break ever, a new game begins. Plus, the group gets hot and heavy in a breath control workshop.

The Truth Hurts

S3 E3 The Truth Hurts

Jan. 19,2022

Tensions mount in paradise as rule breakers face the music. A playboy shows his true colors. Lana invites two new sex-hungry singles to the retreat.

Eat My Shorts

S3 E4 Eat My Shorts

Jan. 19,2022

After a budding couple gets crafty with a "loophole," the group gets messy with an intimate painting workshop. Plus, feathery festivities take flight.

The Summer of '69

S3 E5 The Summer of '69

Jan. 19,2022

The romantic test results are revealed — for better or worse. Lana bids farewell to two struggling singles and encourages everyone to dig deeper.

Triple Threat

S3 E6 Triple Threat

Jan. 19,2022

A new day dawns for the first green-light couple, the guys deal with sexual tension, and Lana welcomes more guests — including one major pot stirrer.

Yoni Live Once

S3 E7 Yoni Live Once

Jan. 19,2022

As competition bubbles up between the ladies, Lana stages a sisterhood workshop, complete with yoni love. Meanwhile, one suitor grapples with stress.

Reaching Rock Bottom

S3 E8 Reaching Rock Bottom

Jan. 19,2022

A "glitch" leaves the group divided. Who will continue making progress, and who will make history with the show's most shocking rule break?

Paradise Purgatory

S3 E9 Paradise Purgatory

Jan. 19,2022

Shocking exits — and a sneaky plot twist — redefine what comes next. Meanwhile, one coupling moves forward, and another starts crumbling.

Out With A Bang

S3 E10 Out With A Bang

Jan. 19,2022

After a night of temptation, the singles reconvene for a final report, a final workshop leads to reflection, and this season's cash prize is rewarded.

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