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Sweet Tooth Season 2

Sweet Tooth Season 2


In Sweet Tooth season 2, Gus and his partners are determined to take on their opponent, the Last Men. The more Gus search for the truth of "The Great Crumble," the more he realizes that it's not as simple as he imagines, a dark scheme behind the event is brewing. It's time for Gus to collect the courage and strength to protect his friends and fight for the right to survive in a hostile world to them.

air date

May. 07,2022

production companies

Warner Bros. Television, DC Entertainment, Team Downey

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Season 2

Sweet Tooth Season 2 Episode Guide

In Captivity

S2 E1 In Captivity

Apr. 27,2023

Locked up in the zoo's kennels, Gus meets his fellow hybrid prisoners as he looks for a way out. General Abbot pressures Dr. Singh to produce a cure.

Into the Deep Woods

S2 E2 Into the Deep Woods

Apr. 27,2023

An uneasy alliance forms over plans to free Gus and the other kids from captivity. Desperate for a breakthrough, Dr. Singh conducts a risky experiment.

Chicken or Egg?

S2 E3 Chicken or Egg?

Apr. 27,2023

Gus' expedition with Dr. Singh leads to several shocking discoveries. Big Man and Aimee seek refuge and reinforcements. Becky connects with a new friend.

Bad Man

S2 E4 Bad Man

Apr. 27,2023

As Big Man reckons with sins of the past, Gus becomes a target of anger and suspicion, Rani's misgivings multiply, and Becky begins basic training.

What It Takes

S2 E5 What It Takes

Apr. 27,2023

General Abbot makes an example out of Gus. Dr. Singh obsesses over his research ahead of an important presentation. Becky crosses paths with a frenemy.

How It Started, How It's Going

S2 E6 How It Started, How It's Going

Apr. 27,2023

The zoo turns into a battle zone when the rescue mission takes flight, with families coming together — and falling apart — during the chaos.

I'll Find You

S2 E7 I'll Find You

Apr. 27,2023

After an eventful, obstacle-strewn journey to find a safe haven, Gus learns more about his origins and how far Birdie was willing to go to protect him.

The Ballad of the Last Men

S2 E8 The Ballad of the Last Men

Apr. 27,2023

Warned about General Abbot's plans, Gus and his friends prepare to take a stand and defend the hybrid kids, no matter what it takes.

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Cast of Sweet Tooth Season 2

Nonso Anozie

Tommy Jepperd

Christian Convery


Adeel Akhtar

Dr. Aditya Singh

Stefania LaVie Owen

Rebecca 'Becky' Walker / Bear

Dania Ramirez

Aimee Eden

Naledi Murray


Neil Sandilands

General Douglas Abbot

Aliza Vellani

Rani Singh

Marlon Williams

Johnny Abbot

Yonas Kibreab

Finn Fox