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Steven Universe Season 5

Steven Universe Season 5


Steven Universe season 5 marks the adventure animation's final season. Our young Steven embarks on the journey to save the world with his extraordinary power on gems. He learns to control his power with the company of a group of guardians and spends more time with gemstones and diamonds. During the process, Steven grows as a mature leader gradually.

air date

May. 29,2017

production companies

Cartoon Network Studios

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Steven Universe Season 5 Episode Guide

Stuck Together

S5 E1 Stuck Together

May. 29,2017

Steven and Lars are stuck inside Topaz and try to look for a way to escape.

The Trial

S5 E2 The Trial

May. 29,2017

Steven goes to court against Blue and Yellow Diamond to determine his (or rather Rose Quartz's) fate.

Off Colors

S5 E3 Off Colors

May. 29,2017

After escaping from the Diamonds, Steven and Lars encounter and befriend the "off-colors", a group of "defective" Gems who live in hiding from Gem society. Lars defends them from security robots but is critically injured in the process.

Lars' Head

S5 E4 Lars' Head

May. 29,2017

After Steven brings Lars back to life with his healing powers, he discovers that Lars now shares the same powers as Lion.

Dewey Wins

S5 E5 Dewey Wins

Dec. 15,2017

Steven helps Mayor Dewey run a difficult campaign.


S5 E6 Gemcation

Dec. 15,2017

Greg and the Gems take Steven on vacation to help him relax.

Raising the Barn

S5 E7 Raising the Barn

Dec. 22,2017

Pumpkin goes missing.

Back to the Kindergarten

S5 E8 Back to the Kindergarten

Dec. 22,2017

Steven, Amethyst, and Peridot try to spruce up the Kindergarten.

Sadie Killer

S5 E9 Sadie Killer

Dec. 29,2017

Steven and the Cool Kids start a band, but they have trouble finding their sound.

Kevin Party

S5 E10 Kevin Party

Dec. 29,2017

Kevin is throwing a party, and Steven is invited.

Lars of the Stars

S5 E11 Lars of the Stars

Jan. 05,2018

Lars rises to the occasion.

Jungle Moon

S5 E12 Jungle Moon

Jan. 05,2018

Stevonnie finds themself alone on an adventure.

Your Mother and Mine

S5 E13 Your Mother and Mine

Apr. 09,2018

Steven takes Garnet to meet some of his new friends.

The Big Show

S5 E14 The Big Show

Apr. 16,2018

Steven shoots a documentary that follows a local band as they get their first big break.

Pool Hopping

S5 E15 Pool Hopping

Apr. 23,2018

Garnet and Steven explore the most unlikely timelines in Beach City.

Letters to Lars

S5 E16 Letters to Lars

Apr. 30,2018

Steven writes about the latest news of Beach City.

Can't Go Back

S5 E17 Can't Go Back

May. 07,2018

Ronaldo spots something mysterious on the moon, and Steven goes to investigate.

A Single Pale Rose

S5 E18 A Single Pale Rose

May. 07,2018

Steven helps Pearl find her cell phone.

Now We're Only Falling Apart

S5 E19 Now We're Only Falling Apart

Jul. 02,2018

Followed by hearing about the revelation, many problems ensue within the crystal gems' relationships.

What's Your Problem?

S5 E20 What's Your Problem?

Jul. 03,2018

Amethyst convinces Steven to take a break after all he's been through.

The Question

S5 E21 The Question

Jul. 04,2018

Ruby decides to explore her own life separate from Sapphire, and has a Wild West adventure as a lonesome cowboy with the help of Steven, Amethyst, and Greg.

Made of Honor

S5 E22 Made of Honor

Jul. 05,2018

As Ruby and Sapphire plan their wedding, Sapphire wishes that their friends from the war could be there to see it.


S5 E23 Reunited

Jul. 06,2018

The wedding of Ruby and Sapphire, with the Gems and several Beach City citizens in attendance, goes without a hitch and Garnet reforms.

Legs From Here to Homeworld

S5 E24 Legs From Here to Homeworld

Dec. 17,2018

Steven tells Blue and Yellow Diamond that their final attack on the Earth corrupted the remaining Gems on the planet, instead of destroying them outright as intended.


S5 E25 Familiar

Dec. 24,2018

White Diamond believes that Steven is Pink Diamond, so Steven tries to fit Pink's part so that way he can get close enough to White to ask her about helping the corrupted gems on Earth.

Together Alone

S5 E26 Together Alone

Dec. 31,2018

Steven throws a party to bring his family together.


S5 E27 Escapism

Jan. 07,2019

Steven uses his psychic powers to find help.

Change Your Mind

S5 E28 Change Your Mind

Jan. 21,2019

Steven faces his biggest challenge yet.

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Cast of Steven Universe Season 5

Zach Callison

Steven Universe (voice)


Garnet (voice)

Michaela Dietz

Amethyst (voice)

Deedee Magno

Pearl (voice)