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Solar Opposites Season 4

Solar Opposites Season 4


These extraterrestrial weirdos sail across space after a cataclysmic asteroid wipes out their planet, finally looking for safety on Earth. Korvo, Terry, and their younger brothers Yumirak and Jesse—aliens who are outcasts—seek to fit in at their new residence. However, plans don't always work out, particularly when dealing with the erratic complexity of people.

air date

August. 14,2023

production companies

20th Television, Justin Roiland's Solo Vanity Card Productions, 20th Television Animation

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Season 4

Solar Opposites Season 4 Episode Guide

The Ping Pong Table

S4 E1 The Ping Pong Table

Aug. 14,2023

At their new jobs, Korvo and Terry lobby their boss to get the office a ping pong table.

The Earth Rake (beta)

S4 E2 The Earth Rake (beta)

Aug. 14,2023

Fearing Terry will blow a big client opportunity, Korvo crashes his business trip in the Wooden City.

The Mobile AISHA Emitter

S4 E3 The Mobile AISHA Emitter

Aug. 14,2023

AISHA goes on a date outside the ship.

The Pronunciation Cassette Tapes

S4 E4 The Pronunciation Cassette Tapes

Aug. 14,2023

The Solars get a pet dinosaur!

The Birth-A-Day Present

S4 E5 The Birth-A-Day Present

Aug. 14,2023

It’s Yumyulack’s birthday!

The Stockiverse Ray

S4 E6 The Stockiverse Ray

Aug. 14,2023

The Solars get trapped in the Stock Image-filled Stockiverse.

The Cardboard Dead Drop

S4 E7 The Cardboard Dead Drop

Aug. 14,2023

An action filled, espionage action episode that takes place in the wall.

The Super Gooblers

S4 E8 The Super Gooblers

Aug. 14,2023

The Solars all create Super Gooblers which are living versions of their own emotional problems.

Down and Out on Planet X-Non

S4 E9 Down and Out on Planet X-Non

Aug. 14,2023

Glen has to learn to survive in an alien city.

The Re-Visibility Bouillabaisse

S4 E10 The Re-Visibility Bouillabaisse

Aug. 14,2023

Korvo and Terry accidentally turn themselves invisible and the invisibility makes them blind.

The Unwanted Personification of Terry

S4 E11 The Unwanted Personification of Terry

Aug. 14,2023

The Solars have been on Earth long enough that they’re starting to become human!

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Cast of Solar Opposites Season 4

Dan Stevens

Korvo (voice)

Sean Giambrone

Yumyulack (voice)

Thomas Middleditch

Terry (voice)

Mary Mack

Jesse (voice)