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Slow Horses Season 2

Slow Horses Season 2


In the second season of Slow Horses, long-forgotten secrets from the Cold War era resurface, posing a significant threat to the safety of London's streets. When a deal with Russian criminals goes awry and turns deadly, our bumbling protagonists must set aside their personal shortcomings and up their spy game to prevent a catastrophic event from taking place. With time running out, they must act quickly and decisively to stop the looming danger and protect the city they call home.

air date

December. 02,2022

production companies

See-Saw Films

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Slow Horses Season 2 Episode Guide

Last Stop

S2 E1 Last Stop

Dec. 02,2022

Jackson Lamb is on high alert after a former spy is found dead. Min and Louisa are tempted by an offer from outside Slough House.

From Upshott with Love

S2 E2 From Upshott with Love

Dec. 02,2022

Lamb liaises with a Russian defector who may hold a clue to sleeper agents. River is on the trail of a ruthless assassin.

Drinking Games

S2 E3 Drinking Games

Dec. 09,2022

River gets cozy in the Cotswolds while searching for a sleeper agent. Min discovers Russian drinking games are the most brutal of all.


S2 E4 Cicada

Dec. 16,2022

Louisa makes her move on Pashkin. Catherine makes moves of a different kind when she plays high-stakes chess with a sinister stranger.

Boardroom Politics

S2 E5 Boardroom Politics

Dec. 23,2022

Lamb orders his Slow Horses to walk into traps. River believes something alarming is heading toward London.

Old Scores

S2 E6 Old Scores

Dec. 30,2022

Lamb and Katinsky go head-to-head. Ho finds himself trapped on a train with a Russian assassin.

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Cast of Slow Horses Season 2

Gary Oldman

Jackson Lamb

Jack Lowden

River Cartwright

Kristin Scott Thomas

Diana Taverner