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Silo Season 1

Silo Season 1


Ten thousand people reside in a civilization that is governed by laws they believe are in place to protect them in a dystopian future where a community is housed in a massive silo that extends hundreds of stories below earth. It's impossible to live there since a disaster of some type has happened on the surface. Nobody is aware of what transpired, who constructed the bunker, or when it was done. There is a community on each of the 144 levels of this enormous subterranean silo, where engineer Rebecca Ferguson is entangled in the enigmas of the past and present.

air date

May. 04,2023

production companies

AMC Studios, Nemo Films, Mimir Films

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Silo Season 1 Episode Guide

Freedom Day

S1 E1 Freedom Day

May. 04,2023

Sheriff Becker's plans for the future are thrown off course after his wife meets a hacker with information about the silo.

Holston's Pick

S1 E2 Holston's Pick

May. 04,2023

Juliette, an engineer, pieces together what might have led to a co-worker's mysterious death.


S1 E3 Machines

May. 11,2023

In her hunt for a new sheriff, Mayor Jahns clashes with Bernard. Juliette strikes a deal to keep the generator running.


S1 E4 Truth

May. 18,2023

Juliette tries gaining the trust of Deputy Marnes as they work to uncover the truth about recent tragedies.

The Janitor's Boy

S1 E5 The Janitor's Boy

May. 25,2023

Sims appoints Billings as chief deputy to keep tabs on Juliette, whose efforts to solve two murders lead to a showdown.

The Relic

S1 E6 The Relic

Jun. 01,2023

During her investigation, Juliette uncovers disturbing secrets about someone she thought she knew.

The Flamekeepers

S1 E7 The Flamekeepers

Jun. 08,2023

Bernard seeks Juliette's cooperation as he grows increasingly concerned about the silo's security. Juliette asks her father for a favor.


S1 E8 Hanna

Jun. 15,2023

New information causes Juliette to see her family's past differently—and she finally gains access to the silo's biggest secrets.

The Getaway

S1 E9 The Getaway

Jun. 22,2023

Racked with guilt, Billings sets off on a personal mission, only to discover a mind-blowing clue from Juliette.


S1 E10 Outside

Jun. 29,2023

Juliette's fate seems sealed when certain truths finally come to light.

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Cast of Silo Season 1

Rebecca Ferguson

Juliette Nichols


Robert Sims

Harriet Walter

Martha Walker

Chinaza Uche

Paul Billings

Avi Nash

Lukas Kyle

Rick Gomez

Patrick Kennedy

Tim Robbins

Bernard Holland