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Shetland Season 7

Shetland Season 7


In Shetland season 7, a vulnerable young man named Connor Cairns disappears mysteriously. When Perez and his team collect more evidence about the missing case, they come up with another possibility that he is more of a killer on the run. And then, a secret past of a family and a significant threat to the community are revealed in this season.

air date

August. 10,2022

production companies

BBC Scotland, ITV Studios

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Shetland Season 7 Episode Guide

Episode 1

S7 E1 Episode 1

Aug. 10,2022

DI Perez investigates the disappearance of a vulnerable young man, whose family are new to Shetland. Has whatever they are running from come back to haunt them?

Episode 2

S7 E2 Episode 2

Aug. 17,2022

After the discovery of an unknown body, the search for Connor grows increasingly desperate. Perez follows Danny on a perilous journey into his murky past.

Episode 3

S7 E3 Episode 3

Aug. 24,2022

Mounting evidence pushes Perez and the team to revise their view of Connor Cairns. Is he a vulnerable missing person or a killer on the run?

Episode 4

S7 E4 Episode 4

Aug. 31,2022

Perez issues a warrant for Connor’s arrest and looks for the motive behind his bomb-making. Sandy tries to find out what business William Rodgers had in Shetland.

Episode 5

S7 E5 Episode 5

Sep. 07,2022

Perez tries to get the measure of Lloyd. Evidence emerges of another bombmaker. The net closes in around Martin. Sandy uncovers Connor’s interest in a piece of local history.

Episode 6

S7 E6 Episode 6

Sep. 14,2022

Perez and his team face a race against time to prevent disaster striking Lerwick. With nowhere left to run, an increasingly desperate killer looks to make a devastating political. As the investigation draws to a close, Perez faces a life-changing decision.

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Cast of Shetland Season 7

Douglas Henshall

DI Jimmy Perez

Alison O'Donnell

DS Alison 'Tosh' McIntosh

Steven Robertson

DC Sandy Wilson