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Ragnarok Season 3

Ragnarok Season 3


Strange things start to happen when awkward adolescent Magni and his half-brother Lauritz relocate with their mother to her small-town home. Magna fights giants and adheres to current laws despite having lost his hammer. But the ceasefire was broken because he breached the deal. The Yu figure family decided to support Magna's ridiculous action so that he could counter Saxa's scheme.

air date

August. 24,2023

production companies

Ghost VFX, SAM Productions

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Ragnarok Season 3 Episode Guide

War Is Over

S3 E1 War Is Over

Aug. 24,2023

Bereft of his hammer, Magne continues to battle the Giants while complying with modern rules. But when he breaks a pact, the truce crumbles.

Till Death Do Us Part

S3 E2 Till Death Do Us Part

Aug. 24,2023

The Jutuls decide to play along with Magne's antics to make him more open to Saxa's plan. Feeling rejected by everyone, Laurits finds support in Jens.

Losing My Religion

S3 E3 Losing My Religion

Aug. 24,2023

Under Saxa's spell, Magne continues to fall further from himself — a perfect distraction for Fjor to enact his vicious plan and set a dangerous trap.

My Precious

S3 E4 My Precious

Aug. 24,2023

More vulnerable than ever, Magne requires backup to face his relentless foes. An impossible ultimatum threatens Laurits' loved ones.

A Farewell to Arms

S3 E5 A Farewell to Arms

Aug. 24,2023

As Magne's arrogance sows discord among his allies, the gods stand at a crossroads between forging lasting peace or fighting the impending battle.


S3 E6 Ragnarok

Aug. 24,2023

Despite Edda's embrace of a new dawn, the young God of Thunder cannot evade the predestined future that awaits.

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Cast of Ragnarok Season 3

David Alexander Sjøholt

Magne Seier

Jonas Strand Gravli

Laurits Seier

Herman Tømmeraas

Fjor Jutul

Theresa Frostad Eggesbø

Saxa Jutul

Henriette Steenstrup

Turid Seier

Synnøve Macody Lund

Ran Jutul

Bjørn Sundquist

Wotan Wagner

Danu Sunth

Iman Reza