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Perry Mason Season 2

Perry Mason Season 2


Perry Mason Season 2 sees the trio investigating the brutal murder of the heir to an oil family. As they uncover a web of conspiracies and corruption, they are forced to confront their own beliefs about justice and guilt. The high-stakes case will challenge them both personally and professionally as they seek to bring the killer to justice.

air date

March. 06,2023

production companies

Team Downey, Dwight Street Book Club, Inflatable Moose Co.

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Season 2

Perry Mason Season 2 Episode Guide

Chapter Nine

S2 E1 Chapter Nine

Mar. 06,2023

1933. In the months following the Dodson trial, an aimless Perry leans on Della to keep the law firm afloat. While Paul accepts a job from an unlikely source, corrupt oil scion Brooks McCutcheon recruits Detective Holcomb in his quest to reshape the future of Los Angeles.

Chapter Ten

S2 E2 Chapter Ten

Mar. 13,2023

After a manhunt pegs brothers Rafael and Mateo Gallardo for the McCutcheon murder, Perry initially resists taking the case… until a hunch reels him in. Later, Della goes on a date with a new flame while Paul wrestles with a shocking truth.

Chapter Eleven

S2 E3 Chapter Eleven

Mar. 20,2023

As Rafael and Mateo face discrimination from their fellow inmates and the court, Perry continues his push for justice, while Della engages the help of wealthy socialite Camilla Nygaard. Later, Paul chases leads in the Hooverville, and Perry goes head-to-head with tycoon Lydell McCutcheon.

Chapter Twelve

S2 E4 Chapter Twelve

Mar. 27,2023

When Paul’s explosive discovery blows a massive hole in Rafael and Mateo’s story, Perry begins to question his clients’ innocence, while Della doubles-down on the case.

Chapter Thirteen

S2 E5 Chapter Thirteen

Apr. 03,2023

As the Gallardos’ trial nears, Perry attempts to negotiate with the DA. Rafael and Mateo recount the real-life consequences of the McCutcheons’ Los Angeles expansion. Later, the pursuit of a lead lands Paul in danger, and Perry makes a convincing demonstration in court.

Chapter Fourteen

S2 E6 Chapter Fourteen

Apr. 10,2023

After he’s subpoenaed, Holcomb offers Perry an olive branch. Meanwhile, Della continues to foster her relationships with Camilla and Anita, giving her the confidence to question her first witness – and push the verdict in the Gallardos’ favor.

Chapter Fifteen

S2 E7 Chapter Fifteen

Apr. 17,2023

Facing career-ending accusations and potential jailtime, Perry must turn to Strickland to stay ahead of the prosecution—and Lydell. With the Gallardos' fate in the balance, Della presses Hamilton for answers, while Paul enlists Clara to infiltrate a wealthy white suburb in pursuit of the truth.

Chapter Sixteen

S2 E8 Chapter Sixteen

Apr. 24,2023

As their final day in court nears, Mateo and Rafael prepare for the worst, while Perry, Della, and Paul work with an unlikely ally to sway the prosecution’s hand. Then, after making his closing arguments, Perry faces the consequences of his relentless pursuit of justice.

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Cast of Perry Mason Season 2

Matthew Rhys

Perry Mason

Juliet Rylance

Della Street

Chris Chalk

Paul Drake

Justin Kirk

Hamilton Burger

Eric Lange

Detective Gene Holcomb

Diarra Kilpatrick

Clara Drake

Katherine Waterston

Ginny Aimes