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Mythic Quest Season 3

Mythic Quest Season 3


In Season 3, Dana is compelled to serve as a mediator in her boss's ongoing disputes while Ian and Poppy learn to negotiate the game world of the newly established GrimPop Studios and their partnership. Back on the Mythological journey, David gets used to his new position as manager, where he truly feels like he is in command for the first time, while Joe makes a comeback as his sidekick, more devoted and radical than ever; Carol attempts to figure out where she fits in after receiving a promotion. While Brad, who was recently released from prison, strives to reintegrate into society as a changed person, Rachel battles in Berkeley to reconcile her values with capitalism.

air date

November. 10,2022

production companies

3 Arts Entertainment, Lionsgate Television, RCG Productions

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Mythic Quest Season 3 Episode Guide

Across the Universe

S3 E1 Across the Universe

Nov. 10,2022

As David stewards Mythic Quest, Ian and Poppy consider offers for their offshoot game. Jo assembles the entire team for C.W.'s celebration.


S3 E2 Partners

Nov. 10,2022

Ian feels adrift in his new partnership with Poppy. David and Jo are suspicious of an employee's return. Dana and Rachel meet the new testers.

Crushing It

S3 E3 Crushing It

Nov. 17,2022

David uses exciting news about MQ to make Ian jealous. Poppy, Rachel, and Jo go to brunch.

The Two Joes

S3 E4 The Two Joes

Nov. 22,2022

When David gets stuck in traffic, Jo takes his place to meet with a famous actor for the movie. Brad tries to help Carol raise money through NFTs.


S3 E5 Playpen

Dec. 01,2022

Poppy begrudgingly takes feedback from Dana about her work. Carol, Brad, and Rachel navigate the aftermath of their monetization gambit.

The 12 Hours of Christmas

S3 E6 The 12 Hours of Christmas

Dec. 08,2022

In the first holiday season since Ian and Poppy’s departure, David grabs the reins and tries to infuse the team with Christmas spirit.


S3 E7 Sarian

Dec. 15,2022

Two kids from across the globe find their passions in a world that doesn’t understand them.

To Catch a Mouse

S3 E8 To Catch a Mouse

Dec. 22,2022

Ian’s and Poppy’s clashing office preferences put them at odds. Jo and Brad team up to get rid of a pest in David’s office.

The Year of Phil

S3 E9 The Year of Phil

Dec. 29,2022

David’s motion-capture session with Joe Manganiello gets hijacked. Dana helps Poppy prepare her PlayPen VC pitch.

Buffalo Chicken Pizza

S3 E10 Buffalo Chicken Pizza

Jan. 05,2023

Ian tries to repair his partnership with Poppy. David hits an impasse with the movie. Dana has a realization about Grimpop.

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Cast of Mythic Quest Season 3

Rob McElhenney

Ian Grimm

Charlotte Nicdao

Poppy Li

David Hornsby

David Brittlesbee

Danny Pudi

Brad Bakshi

Ashly Burch


Imani Hakim


Jessie Ennis


Naomi Ekperigin