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Married at First Sight Season 10

Married at First Sight Season 10


The hit dating reality show Married at First Sights season 10 features 12 couples from different backgrounds and occupations in Australia, and it's a large participant number in the show's history. Three relationship experts will also return this season and give their advice and analysis based on their observations. It seems the most challenging season since the show premiers. The twelve couples have distinct emotional experiences due to their statuses, occupations, values, and attitudes toward marriage.

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January. 30,2023

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Married at First Sight Season 10 Episode Guide

Episode 1

S10 E1 Episode 1

Jan. 30,2023

MAFS Australia is back! The first wedding of the new series is Lyndall and Cameron. From the moment they meet, it's a match made in heaven.

Episode 2

S10 E2 Episode 2

Jan. 31,2023

The first two couples jet off on their honeymoons. Another batch of couples start their journey - and the weddings couldn't be more different.

Episode 3

S10 E3 Episode 3

Feb. 01,2023

Tahnee and Ollie meet for the first time, at the altar. They're the youngest couple but they're both old souls with traditional views of relationships. Jesse and Claire hit a roadblock on honeymoon.

Episode 4

S10 E4 Episode 4

Feb. 02,2023

The weddings continue with new couples walking down the aisle. When Caitlin and Shannon meet at the altar their connection is immediate.

Episode 5

S10 E5 Episode 5

Feb. 05,2023

The final two couples walk down the aisle and not everyone gets what they were expecting.

Episode 6

S10 E6 Episode 6

Feb. 06,2023

The first Dinner Party of the season. All the brides and grooms meet each other for the first time with some explosive results.

Episode 7

S10 E7 Episode 7

Feb. 07,2023

The couples enter Confessions Week with the reappearance of the notorious photo ranking challenge.

Episode 8

S10 E8 Episode 8

Feb. 08,2023

Confessions Week continues bringing some couples together and testing the bond of others.

Episode 9

S10 E9 Episode 9

Feb. 12,2023

The first Commitment Ceremony of the season. Love is blooming for some couples but a couple of grooms find themselves called out by the experts for unacceptable behaviour.

Episode 10

S10 E10 Episode 10

Feb. 13,2023

Intimacy Week. Alessandra's intimacy exercises have some couples blushing, others thriving and some really struggling.

Episode 11

S10 E11 Episode 11

Feb. 14,2023

Alessandra's Intimacy Week continues with some surprising results.

Episode 12

S10 E12 Episode 12

Feb. 15,2023

The rumour mill goes into overdrive at the second Dinner Party as gossip spreads about one groom spotted with a mysterious woman.

Episode 13

S10 E13 Episode 13

Feb. 19,2023

Commitment Ceremony. The experts do something they've never done before in the history of the experiment after some troubling revelations from the couples' couch.

Episode 14

S10 E14 Episode 14

Feb. 20,2023

Two new couples walk down the aisle and one reception is rocked by a shocking admission.

Episode 15

S10 E15 Episode 15

Feb. 21,2023

Fallout from the reception bombshell sends shockwaves through the group.

Episode 16

S10 E16 Episode 16

Feb. 22,2023

Dinner Party. The new couples walk into their first dinner party and are confronted by a room deeply divided by the week's revelations.

Episode 17

S10 E17 Episode 17

Feb. 26,2023

Commitment Ceremony. One high profile couple leaves the experiment while one bride has a lot of explaining to do.

Episode 18

S10 E18 Episode 18

Feb. 27,2023

It's meet the parents week for the original couples with one bride dropping a bombshell confession. And the new couples move into their apartments.

Episode 19

S10 E19 Episode 19

Feb. 28,2023

Meet the parents week continues with a frosty catch-up between the in-laws of one couple.

Episode 20

S10 E20 Episode 20

Mar. 01,2023

Dinner Party. A new scandal hits the experiment with two husbands in the firing line.

Episode 21

S10 E21 Episode 21

Mar. 05,2023

During the commitment ceremony, a high-profile couple leave the experiment and another participant walks out in shocking circumstances.

Episode 22

S10 E22 Episode 22

Mar. 06,2023

All the remaining couples leave town for a week away together at the now famous Retreat.

Episode 23

S10 E23 Episode 23

Mar. 07,2023

The Retreat continues with unresolved grievances surfacing at the Boys and Girls' Nights.

Episode 24

S10 E24 Episode 24

Mar. 08,2023

Fallout from the Retreat dominates the Dinner Party back at MAFS HQ.

Episode 25

S10 E25 Episode 25

Mar. 12,2023

In the second last Commitment Ceremony, a favourite couple make a bombshell decision to leave the experiment.

Episode 26

S10 E26 Episode 26

Mar. 13,2023

It's Partner Swap Week, where the couples swap partners to get another perspective on their relationship, but not everything goes to plan.

Episode 27

S10 E27 Episode 27

Mar. 14,2023

The infamous Boys' and Girls' Night brings unfinished business with the return of some familiar faces.

Episode 28

S10 E28 Episode 28

Mar. 15,2023

The second last Dinner Party. Cracks start to appear among even the strongest couples as the pressure of life after the experiment starts to hit home.

Episode 29

S10 E29 Episode 29

Mar. 19,2023

The final Commitment Ceremony will see which couples choose to stay in the experiment and prepare for Final Vows.

Episode 30

S10 E30 Episode 30

Mar. 20,2023

The remaining couples set off on homestays to experience what life would be like with their partners back in the outside world.

Episode 31

S10 E31 Episode 31

Mar. 21,2023

The remaining couples have one last date to help decide if they want to stay together outside the experiment.

Episode 32

S10 E32 Episode 32

Mar. 22,2023

At the final dinner party, the infamous Honesty Boxes are delivered to the table for the last test of each couple's relationship.

Episode 33

S10 E33 Episode 33

Mar. 26,2023

The Final Vows see some of the romantic and heartbreaking moments of the experiment as the couples decide whether or not to continue their relationship after the experiment.

Episode 34

S10 E34 Episode 34

Mar. 27,2023

The Final Vows see romance and heartbreak as the last couples choose whether or not to continue their relationship after the experiment.

Episode 35

S10 E35 Episode 35

Apr. 02,2023

Reunion Dinner Party. All twelve couples return for one final dinner party and the chance to put any unfinished business to rest.

Episode 36

S10 E36 Episode 36

Apr. 03,2023

The Reunion Finale. All the couples return for one final session on the couch with the experts to look back at their journey through the experiment.

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