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Manifest Season 4

Manifest Season 4


After a tumultuous flight, the passengers of Flight 828 discovered themselves disappearing for five years in reality. As they strive to engage with their old lives again, all of them begin to experience strange "Callings" that guide them to do what they don't understand. In the fourth season of Manifest, the Stone family and the other passengers continue to struggle with the consequences of their disappearance and their newfound powers. Haunted by ominous signs that something dangerous is approaching, they must work together to uncover the truth behind the Callings and the mystery.

air date

November. 04,2022

production companies

Warner Bros. Television, Universal Television, Compari Entertainment

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Season 4

Manifest Season 4 Episode Guide


S4 E1 Touch-and-Go

Nov. 04,2022

While investigating a Calling, Michaela finds a mysterious stowaway. Ben clings tightly to his beliefs. Cal comes out of hiding to pursue a lead.


S4 E2 All-Call

Nov. 04,2022

Hidden voices on the black box draw Saanvi in. Cal sneaks to see an apprehended Henry. During a podcast appearance, Ben seeks help.

High Flight

S4 E3 High Flight

Nov. 04,2022

Cal tries to understand his scar. A Calling leads Michaela to 828 co-pilot Amuta, who sheds light on what he saw. Ben makes an emotional connection.


S4 E4 Go-Around

Nov. 04,2022

A shared vision brings Michaela and Kyle together for a heartbreaking reason. Meanwhile, Eagan offers Ben valuable information — but at a price.


S4 E5 Squawk

Nov. 04,2022

Michaela, Vance, Jared and Zeke's search for Ben at the compound leads to an explosive confrontation — and a divine miracle.

Relative Bearing

S4 E6 Relative Bearing

Nov. 04,2022

Everyone is forced to adjust as Cal guards a secret, Eagan pursues his own mission, and Michaela uncovers a tragic murder.


S4 E7 Romeo

Nov. 04,2022

After finding another dead body, Michaela and Jared try to track down a serial killer. Cal goes on a date. Zeke faces old demons.

Full Upright and Locked Position

S4 E8 Full Upright and Locked Position

Nov. 04,2022

Caught in a tough position, Cal attempts to clear his name as the search for the killer continues. Saanvi tests a theory on a reluctant volunteer.


S4 E9 Rendezvous

Nov. 04,2022

An ominous Calling shakes up Michaela and Zeke’s party. Cal and Ben receive devastating news. Michaela, Saanvi and Eagan look for the Omega Sapphire.

Inversion Illusion

S4 E10 Inversion Illusion

Nov. 04,2022

As the Stones race to find the Omega Sapphire, Ben finds hope in a Calling that reunites him with a familiar face. Zeke faces a difficult choice.

Final Descent

S4 E11 Final Descent

Jun. 02,2023

As the passengers adjust to a frustrating new reality, Ben and Michaela seize an opportunity to solve a Calling, with the Registry in hot pursuit.

Bug Out

S4 E12 Bug Out

Jun. 02,2023

Michaela finds a welcome distraction in helping Jared with an investigation. Cal tests a new ability. Ben and Saanvi try to decode a mysterious message.

Ghost Plane

S4 E13 Ghost Plane

Jun. 02,2023

Michaela heads to a dock with Jared to look into Ben's Calling. Saanvi walks Cal through a daunting task. A dark presence infiltrates the Stone family.

Fata Morgana

S4 E14 Fata Morgana

Jun. 02,2023

As terrifying plagues descend on the detention center, Saanvi scrambles for a solution and Michaela steps up in a crisis. Cal attempts to reach Angelina.


S4 E15 Throttle

Jun. 02,2023

Desperate to stop Angelina, Ben makes a risky move that yields unexpected consequences. A family emergency sends Michaela in a different direction.


S4 E16 Furball

Jun. 02,2023

Michaela and Jared make the most of their arrangement. Angelina receives support from Eagan. Panic grips the detainees amid devastation at the facility.


S4 E17 Threshold

Jun. 02,2023

As the Death Date nears, Callings begin to take a toll on Cal. The group sends out a cry for help. A familiar face provides hope in an unexpected place.


S4 E18 Lift/Drag

Jun. 02,2023

The passengers race to solve their Callings as Saanvi tests a theory on the patients. Eagan makes a surprising move. Michaela confronts hard truths.


S4 E19 Formation

Jun. 02,2023

All signs point to the end of the Earth, spurring the Stone family and the passengers to work together and decipher cryptic clues before time runs out.

Final Boarding

S4 E20 Final Boarding

Jun. 02,2023

The Death Date has arrived. As tensions erupt and revelations emerge, the passengers of Flight 828 reunite and face the unknown together.

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Cast of Manifest Season 4

Melissa Roxburgh

Michaela Stone

Josh Dallas

Ben Stone

J.R. Ramirez

Jared Vasquez

Luna Blaise

Olive Stone

Parveen Kaur

Saanvi Bahl

Matt Long

Zeke Landon

Holly Taylor

Angelina Meyer

Daryl Edwards

Robert Vance

Ty Doran

Cal Stone