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Love Island Season 2

Love Island Season 2


The hit dating reality show Love Island comes to its second season. Following another group of singles seeking love, this season still offers a big villa and a series of challenges for the contestants. They must try to couple up with the one they're interested in and get to know each other during the weekly challenges such as physical sports, quizzes, and tacit understanding tests. Each boy and girl have to make their choice every week, and the one who is left will likely be removed from the love island. Only the couple who wins the public vote can be the winner of the whole season.

air date

May. 29,2016

production companies

ITV Studios, Lifted Entertainment

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Season 2
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Love Island Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1

S2 E1 Episode 1

May. 30,2016

Caroline Flack introduces a brand new cast of young singles who are ready for the summer of their lives. Who is looking for love and who is in it for the money?

Episode 2

S2 E2 Episode 2

May. 31,2016

Some shocking secrets are revealed about the islanders; tensions rise between Olivia and Zara; two new arrivals may shake things up.

Episode 3

S2 E3 Episode 3

Jun. 01,2016

Two new arrivals, Kady and Terry, make an explosive entrance into the villa. Sophie and Cara get steamy in the hot tub.

Episode 4

S2 E4 Episode 4

Jun. 02,2016

Kady and Scott try to figure each other out, leaving Javi feeling betrayed; Terry and Kady each choose two dates to make them dinner.

Episode 5

S2 E5 Episode 5

Jun. 03,2016

Terry is torn between Olivia and Malin; the islanders gather around the fire to make their choices.

Episode 6: The Weekly Hotlist

S2 E6 Episode 6: The Weekly Hotlist

Jun. 04,2016

The first weekly hot list: Recap of the first week.

Episode 7

S2 E7 Episode 7

Jun. 05,2016

The second week begins and there is no let up in pace as the games and surprises continue.

Episode 8

S2 E8 Episode 8

Jun. 06,2016

Three of the couples take things to the next level; Terry and Malin make it official; Zara makes an epic U-turn with Dan.

Episode 9

S2 E9 Episode 9

Jun. 07,2016

Rykard and Rachel grow ever closer but the ladies' loyalty to Olivia leads to tension; four new guys arrive for speed dating.

Episode 10

S2 E10 Episode 10

Jun. 08,2016

Adam goes on dates with Zara, Olivia and Sophie; Zara reminds Adam that she is none other than Miss GB.

Episode 11

S2 E11 Episode 11

Jun. 09,2016

The cast of young singles are having the summer of their lives in paradise; some may find true love and others are just playing the game.

Episode 12

S2 E12 Episode 12

Jun. 10,2016

Rykard makes a shocking confession to Tom about what really went on with Olivia; Zara and Olivia finally talk about the Adam situation.

Episode 13: The Weekly Hotlist

S2 E13 Episode 13: The Weekly Hotlist

Jun. 11,2016

Following an unforgettable second week on Love Island, the show looks back at the events which have had everyone talking.

Episode 14

S2 E14 Episode 14

Jun. 12,2016

The moment of truth arrives for the islanders when Caroline returns to bring them the results of the public vote.

Episode 15

S2 E15 Episode 15

Jun. 13,2016

The islanders try to persuade Rykard to stay; Terry and Malin's bickering intensifies; there may be a second chance for Zara and Adam.

Episode 16

S2 E16 Episode 16

Jun. 14,2016

Malin gets tearful when Terry refuses to disclose how many women he has slept with, while Sophie clashes with Tom over his choice of shirt.

Episode 17

S2 E17 Episode 17

Jun. 15,2016

Two new guys, Alex and James, descend on the villa and waste no time in causing drama; Sophie is upset to be judged the least-real islander.

Episode 18

S2 E18 Episode 18

Jun. 16,2016

It is the morning after the night before for Zara and Alex; James acts on his feelings for Kady.

Episode 19

S2 E19 Episode 19

Jun. 17,2016

Recoupling day arrives, and Kady has a big decision to make; Malin and Terry's bickering gets out of hand; two new ladies arrive.

Episode 20: The Weekly Hotlist

S2 E20 Episode 20: The Weekly Hotlist

Jun. 18,2016

Following an unforgettable third week on Love Island, the show looks back at the events which have had everyone talking.

Episode 21

S2 E21 Episode 21

Jun. 19,2016

New ladies Tina and Liana make their mark in the villa; Zara breaks down when she hears about her Miss GB scandal.

Episode 22

S2 E22 Episode 22

Jun. 20,2016

Scott makes a big decision about his future with Kady; Zara bids an emotional farewell to the villa.

Episode 23

S2 E23 Episode 23

Jun. 21,2016

It is the morning after a night of nocturnal naughtiness for many of the villa's residents.

Episode 24

S2 E24 Episode 24

Jun. 22,2016

Adam may have ruined his chances with Tina and Liana; some big secrets are revealed, causing massive repercussions.

Episode 25

S2 E25 Episode 25

Jun. 23,2016

The fourth week of Love Island continues with more twists and turns as the islanders continue to make a play for the grand prize.

Episode 26

S2 E26 Episode 26

Jun. 24,2016

The fourth week of Love Island draws to an end; another elimination.

Episode 27: The Weekly Hotlist

S2 E27 Episode 27: The Weekly Hotlist

Jun. 25,2016

Following an unforgettable fourth week on Love Island, the show looks back at the events which have had everyone talking.

Episode 28

S2 E28 Episode 28

Jun. 26,2016

As another week gets underway, there are plenty more surprises in store to keep the islanders on their toes.

Episode 29

S2 E29 Episode 29

Jun. 27,2016

The pressure continues to build for the cast of singles as they face more love games, twists and surprises in their journey to the final.

Episode 30

S2 E30 Episode 30

Jun. 28,2016

With a cash prize up for grabs for the winning couple, the pairings push themselves to go the distance.

Episode 31

S2 E31 Episode 31

Jun. 29,2016

As the finale draws closer, the remaining couples make their push to bag the £50,000 prize.

Episode 32

S2 E32 Episode 32

Jun. 30,2016

The islanders react when Caroline reveals who will be leaving the villa tonight after yesterday's public vote.

Episode 33

S2 E33 Episode 33

Jul. 01,2016

Caroline Flack returns once more with eight potential new islanders in tow and hosts an audition.

Episode 34: The Weekly Hotlist

S2 E34 Episode 34: The Weekly Hotlist

Jul. 02,2016

Catching up on all the latest drama in the Love Island villa; following an unforgettable fifth week.

Episode 35

S2 E35 Episode 35

Jul. 03,2016

Newbies Katie and Adam J. are settling in, but their date choices may leave the other islanders feeling uneasy.

Episode 36

S2 E36 Episode 36

Jul. 04,2016

The islanders prepare themselves for a recoupling, with Katie deliberating between Adam and Sophie; Terry is left in disbelief.

Episode 37

S2 E37 Episode 37

Jul. 05,2016

With Troy and Adam J.'s fate left in Lauren's hands, she decides who to couple up with.

Episode 38

S2 E38 Episode 38

Jul. 06,2016

Katie confronts Sophie about their situation, leaving the other islanders to pick sides.

Season 39

S2 E39 Season 39

Jul. 07,2016

As Sophie's departure leaves Katie single, she tries to couple up; the guys undergo a lie detector test.

Episode 40

S2 E40 Episode 40

Jul. 08,2016

Caroline arrives at the villa with a shocking announcement; the islanders become parents for the day; Nathan and Cara enjoy one final date.

Episode 41: The Weekly Hotlist

S2 E41 Episode 41: The Weekly Hotlist

Jul. 09,2016

With the finish line in sight, the islanders have been trying to get attention.

Episode 42

S2 E42 Episode 42

Jul. 10,2016

With the finale tomorrow, the prize fund has never seemed closer, but who can be trusted when there is so much at stake? Is it all about the money or will romance win out?

The Final

S2 E43 The Final

Jul. 11,2016

The viewers choose their favourite couple.

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Cast of Love Island Season 2

Iain Stirling

Self - Narrator

Maya Jama