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Hunters Season 2

Hunters Season 2


In Hunters Season 2, the team confronts another obstacle on a European mission. Hunters must reunite to track down the most notorious Nazi as soon as they get the notice that Adolf Hitler may still be alive in South America. Meyer Offerman's secret identity is also on the brink of being exposed because of all the signs in the past.

air date

January. 12,2023

production companies

Sonar Entertainment, Monkeypaw Productions

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Hunters Season 2 Episode Guide

Van Glooten's Day 1972 Butter Sculptor of the Year

S2 E1 Van Glooten's Day 1972 Butter Sculptor of the Year

Jan. 12,2023

Two years after a failed mission scattered The Hunters, Jonah is living a double life in Paris with his fiancée, Clara. Soon, he discovers the most notorious Nazi in history may still be alive. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, Millie Morris prosecutes a dangerous war criminal. And years before the founding of The Hunters, Meyer Offerman encounters a dangerous threat that could expose his true identity.

Buenos Aires

S2 E2 Buenos Aires

Jan. 12,2023

Jonah convinces Millie to join him on the hunt for Hitler and the duo brings The Hunters back together for one last mission – their most important hunt of all. After The Hunters land in South America, they are soon imperiled by a dangerous foe. In New York City, Meyer Offerman gets closer to unearthing the whereabouts of a former Nazi who threatens to destroy him.

Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.

S2 E3 Duck. Quail. Goose. Crow.

Jan. 12,2023

Jonah, Millie, and The Hunters reluctantly agree to join forces with Chava after discovering her true identity and her connection to Jonah. The team heads to a luxury hotel in the Argentinian countryside to intercept the one person who knows of Hitler’s whereabouts – a famed Nazi assassin known only as “The Crow.” Meanwhile, Meyer collides with the old Nazi colleague who is blackmailing him.

The Fare

S2 E4 The Fare

Jan. 12,2023

As our Hunters grow closer to discovering Hitler’s location, Jonah's secret life is jeopardized when his fiancée Clara shows up in Argentina. Meanwhile, Travis and a brainwashed Joe pursue The Hunters in a plot to kill them once and for all. In the past, Meyer and Ruth's connection is revealed and we discover the origins of The Hunters.


S2 E5 Blutsbande

Jan. 12,2023

Reeling from the events at the Hotel Palladio, Jonah leads a team to rescue the love of his life before it’s too late. Meanwhile, one of our Hunters fights for their life. In the past, as Meyer heads to Germany to recruit a new member of The Hunters, Ruth begins to grow suspicious of Meyer.

Only the Dead

S2 E6 Only the Dead

Jan. 12,2023

In an expansive Argentinian valley, our Hunters discover Hitler’s compound and find themselves in the presence of ultimate evil, as a cataclysmic battle between good and evil ignites. In the past, we learn that Meyer and Chava have met before, a truth Meyer kept from Ruth for so many years, all as Ruth’s suspicions about Meyer’s true identity escalate.

The Home

S2 E7 The Home

Jan. 12,2023

As Jonah attempts to smuggle the greatest evil out of Argentina to meet justice, we travel back in time to war-torn Germany to the home of a peculiar old couple whose story has reverberations for Jonah’s success or failure.

The Trial of Adolf Hitler

S2 E8 The Trial of Adolf Hitler

Jan. 12,2023

Adolf Hitler finally faces justice on the world stage, as the trial of the century begins. Jonah tries to salvage the life he once had with Clara. Finally, we discover the horrific conclusion of Ruth’s pursuit of Meyer’s true identity. As the past, present, and future collide, Jonah, Meyer, Millie and our Hunters are left wondering whether the hunt for evil can ever truly end.

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Cast of Hunters Season 2

Logan Lerman

Jonah Heidelbaum

Al Pacino

Meyer Offerman

Jerrika Hinton

Millie Morris

Saul Rubinek

Murray Markowitz

Carol Kane

Mindy Markowitz