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Heartstopper Season 2

Heartstopper Season 2


Nick wanted to be upfront about his relationship with Charlie and come out as bisexual, but he found that it wasn't as simple as he had anticipated. His relationships with his old pals are still strained, and rugby practice is run differently now. Al has acquired new pals, which makes Tao envious.

air date

August. 03,2023

production companies

See-Saw Films

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Season 2
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Heartstopper Season 2 Episode Guide


S2 E1 Out

Aug. 03,2023

As his relationship with Charlie matures, Nick considers coming out to Imogen — but it's a lot harder than he expected. Elle tries flirting with Tao.


S2 E2 Family

Aug. 03,2023

With Charlie's grades slipping, his parents tighten the rules. Tao's jealous when Elle makes new friends. Nick's older brother invades his privacy.


S2 E3 Promise

Aug. 03,2023

Nick tries to come out to some of his teammates at a bonfire party after exams. Tao plans the perfect date. Things get weird between Tara and Darcy.


S2 E4 Challenge

Aug. 03,2023

On a school trip to Paris, Nick and Charlie try to keep their relationship under wraps. Elle and Tao reconnect at a museum. Imogen stands up to Ben.


S2 E5 Heat

Aug. 03,2023

Rumors spread when Charlie wakes up with something on his neck. A group tour of the city's most famous sights reveals more than one major secret.

Truth / Dare

S2 E6 Truth / Dare

Aug. 03,2023

On their last day in Paris, Nick introduces Charlie to his dad. Elle and Tao make it official. The truth comes out at a party that's full of surprises.


S2 E7 Sorry

Aug. 03,2023

Elle keeps big news from Tao, Ben pressures Charlie to forgive him, and Isaac opens up to James. Nick invites Charlie to a tense family dinner.


S2 E8 Perfect

Aug. 03,2023

The gang comes together for a memorable prom with a fitting theme: "Summer of Love." But with someone important missing... it feels incomplete.

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Cast of Heartstopper Season 2

Joe Locke

Charlie Spring

Kit Connor

Nicholas Nelson

William Gao

Tao Xu

Yasmin Finney

Elle Argent

Corinna Brown

Tara Jones

Kizzy Edgell

Darcy Olsson

Tobie Donovan

Isaac Henderson

Rhea Norwood

Imogen Heaney