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Grantchester Season 2

Grantchester Season 2


When Sidney Chambers, a pastor in Grantchester, was charged with a terrible crime, the town was shocked to learn who the perpetrator was. Since they have identified the genuine murderer, Sidney and Jody are still looking into several cases. But things take a turn, and Jody may end up in jail due to an unforeseen occurrence. Do Sidney and Jody no longer battle crime?

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March. 02,2016

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Season 2

Grantchester Season 2 Episode Guide

Episode 1

S2 E1 Episode 1

Mar. 02,2016

When Grantchester vicar Sidney Chambers is accused of a terrible crime, unmasking the real culprit sends shockwaves through the community.

Episode 2

S2 E2 Episode 2

Mar. 09,2016

Sidney and Geordie investigate a Cambridge lecturer's fatal fall from the college spires.

Episode 3

S2 E3 Episode 3

Mar. 16,2016

A young man confesses to Sidney and Geordie that he attacked and killed his landlord.

Episode 4

S2 E4 Episode 4

Mar. 23,2016

Sidney is summoned to perform an exorcism at a stable owner's home.

Episode 5

S2 E5 Episode 5

Mar. 30,2016

Will Gary go to the gallows? Will Geordie go to prison? Are Sidney and Geordie’s crime fighting days over? The case of a suspicious death takes a surprising turn.

Episode 6

S2 E6 Episode 6

Apr. 06,2016

With Sam missing, Sidney and Geordie are forced to investigate a crime together.

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Cast of Grantchester Season 2

Robson Green

Geordie Keating

Al Weaver

Leonard Finch

Tessa Peake-Jones

Mrs. Maguire / Mrs. Chapman

Kacey Ainsworth

Cathy Keating

Skye Lucia Degruttola

Esme Keating