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Good Trouble Season 4

Good Trouble Season 4


Good Trouble season 4 continues to follow the neighbors and friends in downtown L.A. There are various coteries, and the series follows one coterie that struggles in their professional career, love, and friendship. The friends realize they should hold onto their beliefs and express their attitudes. In this season, the coterie crew will deal with the aftermath of the season three final; Callie, Malika, Gael, and Mariana will cope with daily trouble as well as welcome new arrivals who move into the coterie.

air date

March. 09,2022

production companies

Nuyorican Productions

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Season 4

Good Trouble Season 4 Episode Guide

Turn and Face the Strange

S4 E1 Turn and Face the Strange

Mar. 09,2022

The Coterie Crew deals with the fallout of the season three finale. Tommy Sung’s trial comes to a close, and Callie needs to keep Kathleen from legal trouble. Malika processes Isaac’s surprise return. Gael tries to keep Isabella in town. With the approval of the Fight Club Girls, Mariana meets with Evan. Alice is on the road, leaving Sumi as acting manager. Someone new moves into the Coterie.

Kiss Me and Smile for Me

S4 E2 Kiss Me and Smile for Me

Mar. 16,2022

Callie and Mariana’s moms and brother Jude pay the girls a surprise visit. Davia deals with personal and professional pressures. Joaquin tries to dig into the Coterie’s past.

Meet the New Boss

S4 E3 Meet the New Boss

Mar. 23,2022

Mariana goes undercover at Revitalize Beauty. Dennis encourages Davia to try something new to get herself out of a rut. Malika has her first day of work with Lucia Morales, and later, she and Angelica take their relationship to the next level. Joaquin works on a story about the unhoused community.

It’s Lonely Out in Space

S4 E4 It’s Lonely Out in Space

Mar. 30,2022

Mariana uses intel from the Revitalize Beauty girls to help the FCGs land brands. Gael struggles to balance Yuri’s needs with Isabella’s. Food truck shenanigans bring Dennis and Isabella closer. Joaquin asks Kelly about Diana Graham.

So This Is What the Truth Feels Like

S4 E5 So This Is What the Truth Feels Like

Apr. 06,2022

Mariana is in over her head when the Revitalize and FCGs cross paths at a pitch. Davia workshops her burlesque name around the Coterie. Lucia tells Malika she has feelings for her ex. Malika’s proposal for the women’s center gets approved.

Something Unpredictable, but in the End It’s Right

S4 E6 Something Unpredictable, but in the End It’s Right

Apr. 13,2022

Evan proposes an idea to save Bulk Beauty. Alice is back but still at odds with Sumi. Isabella’s surprise ‘90s themed 40th birthday party for Dennis makes Davia fear she’s losing him.

Take These Chances

S4 E7 Take These Chances

Apr. 20,2022

Mariana invites the RB girls to Bulk Beauty. Davia reaches out to Luca and invites him to stay at the Coterie. Malika’s learning to play the game at work. Joaquin questions Dennis about his sister. Dennis asks Davia to work for him.

I Don’t Belong Here

S4 E8 I Don’t Belong Here

Apr. 27,2022

Mariana helps Joaquin search for his sister. Meanwhile, the Revitalize girls make a decision regarding Bulk Beauty. We learn what happened on Alice’s tour. Isabella and Gael get worrisome news.

That's Me in the Spotlight

S4 E9 That's Me in the Spotlight

May. 04,2022

The FCGs give Mariana the ok to date Evan, but she is conflicted. Alice tries to gain the courage to go back on stage. Joaquin gets a tip on his sister's whereabouts. Isabella's parents propose a new idea for the baby.

What I Wouldn't Give for Love

S4 E10 What I Wouldn't Give for Love

Jul. 07,2022

Davia musters the courage to tell Dennis how she feels. Malika deals with Angelica seeing other people. Alice hires a new manager. The FCG throw a party to celebrate the launch of their app. Luca considers accepting Davia’s offer of a home.

Baby, Just Say Yes

S4 E11 Baby, Just Say Yes

Jul. 14,2022

Alice and Sumi get caught up with TikTok challenges. Davia struggles with home schooling Elliot. Mariana helps Joaquin search for Jenna. Luca moves into the Coterie – but does he really feel at home? Isabella crosses a boundary with Gael.

Pick a Side, Pick a Fight

S4 E12 Pick a Side, Pick a Fight

Jul. 21,2022

The FCG’s vote on who will lead their team. Davia settles into an academic rhythm with Elliot. Malika tries to get her boss on board with her Women’s Center and argues with Angelica. Dennis struggles with exposing Ryan to The Coterie.

A Penny with a Hole in It

S4 E13 A Penny with a Hole in It

Jul. 28,2022

The FCG try to hire Zelda as a brand influencer. Malika and Tracey work together on the Women’s Shelter. Joaquin discovers that Jenna may be in a cult. Alice feels like she is behind in her career. Gael struggles with forgiving Isabella.

Life Is What Happens

S4 E14 Life Is What Happens

Aug. 04,2022

Jazmin's wedding has the Coterie crew all in their feelings. Luca is inspired to create change for the unhoused. We see one relationship end while another rekindles. Isabella faces new issues with her parents.

You Know You Better Watch Out

S4 E15 You Know You Better Watch Out

Aug. 11,2022

After talking things through with Evan, Mariana reconsiders her situation-ship with Joaquin. Dennis has a change of heart about parenthood. Davia inspires her homeschool family to seek therapy. Isabella's parents bring her history to light.

Mama Told Me

S4 E16 Mama Told Me

Aug. 18,2022

Davia visits home and is forced to face her hometown demons. Gael and Isabella cope with the fallout of their violent encounter. Mariana and the FCGs have to decide between prioritizing morals or profits for the success of their business.

Wake Up from Your Reverie

S4 E17 Wake Up from Your Reverie

Aug. 25,2022

Davia goes on a date with someone new. Sumi prompts Alice to assess her relationship with pleasure. The FCGs become victims of cancel culture. Joaquin finds new information about his sister's captor, and Mariana steps in to help.

This Is Not My Beautiful House

S4 E18 This Is Not My Beautiful House

Sep. 01,2022

Now that Isabella wants to put the baby up for adoption, Gael decides what role he wants to play in his child’s life. Malika is caught between her career and her beliefs. Mariana infiltrates Silas’s cult to speak to Jenna face-to-face.

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Cast of Good Trouble Season 4

Cierra Ramirez

Mariana Foster

Zuri Adele

Malika Williams

Sherry Cola

Alice Kwan

Bryan Craig


Emma Hunton

Davia Moss

Tommy Martinez

Gael Martinez

Josh Pence

Dennis Cooper

Booboo Stewart