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Death in Paradise Season 12

Death in Paradise Season 12


Neville will confront the most significant challenge ever in Death in Paradise season 12, and it is twisted from a seemingly simple domestic murder. And a mysterious killing happens on a boat, which leads the team to a beautiful seashore hiding threats. This season, a well-known astronomer's death also brings obstacles to the Saint Marie police department.

air date

January. 06,2023


Richard Signy

production companies

Kudos, Red Planet Pictures, Atlantique Productions

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Death in Paradise Season 12 Episode Guide

Murder in the Stars

S12 E1 Murder in the Stars

Jan. 06,2023

The team investigate the mysterious death of an astronomer after he falls from a cliff during a rare planetary event. Meanwhile, is romance blossoming for Neville?

The Communal Death

S12 E2 The Communal Death

Jan. 13,2023

The team investigate a preppers commune when one of their members is poisoned inside a locked bunker. Meanwhile, Neville has a series of adventurous dates with Sophie.

Murder on the High Seas

S12 E3 Murder on the High Seas

Jan. 20,2023

The team investigates the murder of an estate agent, who has been killed ahead of the potential sale of local beauty spot St Agatha's Cove. Marlon leads a counterfeit goods case to impress the Commissioner, while love in the air for Neville following an unexpected encounter.

An Unpleasant Homecoming

S12 E4 An Unpleasant Homecoming

Jan. 27,2023

The team join Naomi in Saint Barnabas when her best friend’s father is murdered at a wedding. Meanwhile, Marlon tries to prepare for his sergeant exams but is easily distracted.

On the Sanctity of Children

S12 E5 On the Sanctity of Children

Feb. 03,2023

The team investigate the murder of a former children’s home resident. Meanwhile, Marlon sits his sergeant’s exams, and Selwyn meets his daughter for the first time.

A Murder Forewarned (1)

S12 E6 A Murder Forewarned (1)

Feb. 10,2023

The team investigate the murder of a water taxi driver at the same time as Neville receives an anonymous letter warning them a murder is due to take place.

Sins of the Detective (2)

S12 E7 Sins of the Detective (2)

Feb. 17,2023

The team must prove Neville’s innocence after Professor Cartwright is murdered. DI Karen Flitcroft from the Department of Policing Standards takes over the investigation. The investigation leads Naomi and Selwyn to Justin West at the preppers commune.

A Calypso Caramba

S12 E8 A Calypso Caramba

Feb. 24,2023

The team investigate the murder of a renowned calypso singer’s husband. Meanwhile, Neville struggles with Sophie’s revelations and contemplates his future in Saint Marie.

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Cast of Death in Paradise Season 12

Ralf Little

DI Neville Parker

Don Warrington

Commissioner Selwyn Patterson

Élisabeth Bourgine

Catherine Bordey

Ginny Holder

Trainee Officer Darlene Curtis

Shantol Jackson

DS Naomi Thomas

Tahj Miles

Officer Marlon Pryce