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Below Deck Season 10

Below Deck Season 10


The tenth season of Below Deck follows the lives of the hard-working crew on the mega yachts. They have to take care of the guests while fulfilling their responsibilities on the ship. This new season features a new location, ship, romance, and intense plots, pushing Captain Lee and his crew to the limit and a tough decision: abandoning the ship.

air date

November. 21,2022

production companies

51 Minds Entertainment

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Below Deck Season 10 Episode Guide

Love Never Lasts at the Beach

S10 E1 Love Never Lasts at the Beach

Nov. 21,2022

St. David welcomes aboard a few familiar faces including chef Rachel, and Fraser has been crowned chief stew; Captain Lee reveals a medical condition that could affect the whole season.

Deadliest Snatch

S10 E2 Deadliest Snatch

Nov. 28,2022

Conflict ensues in the interior department between Alissa and Camille while a romance heats up between Camille and Ben; Rachel is forced to pivot when her dinner entrée turns up rotten; the guests have a night of debaucherous fun.

The Muff-Truff Experience

S10 E3 The Muff-Truff Experience

Dec. 05,2022

An essential missing ingredient sets up Rachel's multicourse dinner for disaster; Fraser realizes he needs a different approach to his management style after witnessing an embarrassing spat between his interior team.

The Thunder from Down Under (1)

S10 E4 The Thunder from Down Under (1)

Dec. 12,2022

Camille's lack of work ethic starts to wear thin on the entire crew; having to choose between Alissa and Katie, Ross decides he wants to have his cake and eat it too; romance blossoms with Ben and Camille.

His Watch Has Ended

S10 E5 His Watch Has Ended

Dec. 19,2022

Captain Lee's injury forces him to leave St David, and the hands on deck try to put their best foot forward for the new captain; Ross and Fraser struggle with Camille's attitude; an official promotion is given within the deck team.

There's No Crying in Yachting, Part 2

S10 E6 There's No Crying in Yachting, Part 2

Jan. 02,2023

Capt. Sandy plays referee in Alissa and Camille's mounting tension; Camille complains to Capt. Sandy about being pulled in too many directions; Fraser confronts Camille about going over his head; Ross' flirtatious behavior leaves Katie upset.

Eat Me in Seven Different Languages

S10 E7 Eat Me in Seven Different Languages

Jan. 09,2023

Camille takes Capt. Sandy's warning seriously as she tries to turn things around in her new role as a full-time stewardess; Alissa struggles to forgive Camille for her past shortcomings; Ross confronts Tony's lack of urgency.

The Captain and Camille

S10 E8 The Captain and Camille

Jan. 16,2023

Drama between Camille and Alissa reaches a breaking point; Capt. Sandy is forced to step in; Bollywood-dancing group of guests drink and party; Rachel's dishes are hit or miss, and her slow timing leaves the guests hungry.

Diary of a Deckie

S10 E9 Diary of a Deckie

Jan. 23,2023

The crew deals with the aftermath of Camille's firing with Ben; trouble is afoot for Hayley as the physical toll of being a stew wears her down.

Caribbean Gigolo

S10 E10 Caribbean Gigolo

Jan. 30,2023

The crew explores St. Lucia on a catamaran; the new deck/stew arrives; a surprise guest shows up to dinner.


S10 E11 Fraz-zzled

Feb. 06,2023

Captain Sandy becomes increasingly annoyed and enlists Chef Rachel to help; Ross begs his way out of the doghouse once again; sparks fly as Tony reveals a hidden talent that captures the attention of newly divorced charter guests.

The Fish Stinks from the Head

S10 E12 The Fish Stinks from the Head

Feb. 13,2023

Tension continues to mount between Capt. Sandy and Fraser; Alissa tempts Ross; crew gossip reaches an all-time high; Capt. Sandy takes the crew to the beach for team building; Fraser feels slighted by Capt. Sandy.

Another One Bites the Dust

S10 E13 Another One Bites the Dust

Feb. 20,2023

Capt. Sandy lets go of an integral member of the crew; one guest takes her requests to the limits, pushing chef Rachel to wit's end; windy weather ruins excursion plans; Capt. Lee shares big news with Capt. Sandy.

Big Deck Energy

S10 E14 Big Deck Energy

Feb. 27,2023

Chef Rachel delivers a dinner to remember; the crew throws the pageant queen guests a 1980s party; guest LaQuish continues to annoy the interior team; Tony takes issue with Katie; Ross is forced to reprimand his boat crush.

The Stud Sails Again

S10 E15 The Stud Sails Again

Mar. 06,2023

The crew welcomes back Captain Lee while new stew Leigh-Ann gets thrown into the deep end; Ben finds himself in an unexpected love triangle; Ross and Katie navigate what their "yacht-mance" means to them; Fraser tries to adjust to the team dynamic.

The Thunder from Down Under (2)

S10 E16 The Thunder from Down Under (2)

Mar. 13,2023

Captain Lee plays a prank on a guest; chef Rachel reaches her breaking point when she challenges herself with an intricate Japanese tasting menu; Tyler wrestles with the idea of coming out to his mom; Ross and Katie define their relationship.

Oh Captain, My Captain

S10 E17 Oh Captain, My Captain

Mar. 20,2023

St. David sets off for the final charter of the season. Fraser is terrified of the new bodybuilder charter guests but learns a valuable lesson about not judging a book by its cover. Ben's love life is thrown for a loop when a text message from Camille pushes him into the arms of another. Tyler bravely decides to reveal his sexuality to his mom after encouragement from Hayley Chef Rachel reaches a new level of exhaustion leaving her future as a yacht chef hanging in the air.

Ce-LEE-brats Good Times!

S10 E18 Ce-LEE-brats Good Times!

Mar. 27,2023

Andy sits down with Captain Lee, the Stud of the Sea, to celebrate "Below Deck's" 10th Anniversary with former "Below Deck" crew, charter guests and celebrity fans.

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