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Barry Season 3

Barry Season 3


Barry is striving to extricate himself from the world of contract killing and immerse himself in acting because he is desperate to put his violent past behind him in favor of his current passion. However, leaving is messy. Barry has removed many of the outside influences that led him to use violence, but he soon realizes they weren't the only ones at work. What was it in his psychology that initially inspired him to kill? Barry and the other characters are struggling to choose wisely in season three.

air date

April. 24,2022

production companies

Alec Berg Productions, Hanarply

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Season 3
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Barry Season 3 Episode Guide

forgiving jeff

S3 E1 forgiving jeff

Apr. 24,2022

What are you, some kind of psycho?


S3 E2 limonada

May. 01,2022

Say you're going to the Redlands.

ben mendelsohn

S3 E3 ben mendelsohn

May. 08,2022

I could've been a marine, but I guess I had too many options.

all the sauces

S3 E4 all the sauces

May. 15,2022

You're Thweetie?!


S3 E5 crazytimesh*tshow

May. 22,2022

This is just an example of bottling it up...


S3 E6 710N

May. 29,2022

What kind of guy wouldn't want to put a hot tub up there?

candy asses

S3 E7 candy asses

Jun. 05,2022

Let's split up.

starting now

S3 E8 starting now

Jun. 12,2022

What the hell is that?!

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Cast of Barry Season 3

Bill Hader

Barry Berkman

Sarah Goldberg

Sally Reed

Anthony Carrigan

NoHo Hank

Henry Winkler

Gene Cousineau

Stephen Root

Monroe Fuches

Robert Wisdom

Jim Moss

Zachary Golinger

John Berkman