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A Million Little Things Season 5

A Million Little Things Season 5


In A Million Little Things season 5 as well as its final season, the hit ABC drama will come to an end as the characters separately obtain deep friendships, romantic relationships even sorrow of their own. Through laughter and tears, it's time to say goodbye to this group of friends and learn that true friendship and love are about a million little things to share whether it's sweet or bitter.

air date

February. 08,2023

production companies

ABC Studios, Kapital Entertainment

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Season 5

A Million Little Things Season 5 Episode Guide

the last dance

S5 E1 the last dance

Feb. 08,2023

The family of friends gathers once again to celebrate the life of a loved one who dies unexpectedly. Meanwhile, Katherine shows Maggie the secret to registering for baby gifts, and Rome supports his father through a difficult transition.

think twice

S5 E2 think twice

Feb. 15,2023

An unexpected fan steps behind the mic at Maggie’s radio show, and Walter attempts to convince Rome he is more than capable of being behind the wheel. Meanwhile, Eddie makes moves to reenter the dating pool and gets some help from an unexpected ally.

in the room

S5 E3 in the room

Feb. 22,2023

The ladies treat Maggie to one last hurrah before the baby’s arrival, and the guys attend a Bruins game for the last time. Meanwhile, Eddie toys with the idea of going back to college and Rome anxiously awaits news about his father.

a bird in the hand

S5 E4 a bird in the hand

Mar. 01,2023

Gary and Maggie gain much more than breathing techniques at their birthing class. Meanwhile, Rome and Regina’s quest to hire a caregiver for Walter takes an unexpected turn, and Theo learns a tough life lesson from an unlikely duo.

no place like home

S5 E5 no place like home

Mar. 08,2023

Maggie and Gary explore the possibility of a home birth, while Regina and Rome adjust to life with their new roommate. Katherine and Greta reach a crossroads in their relationship.

mic drop

S5 E6 mic drop

Mar. 15,2023

With the impending arrival of their baby, Maggie wraps things up at work while the guys help Gary set up the nursery. Regina’s efforts to help Dustin cause a rift with Rome. Katherine plans a surprise for Greta’s birthday.

spilled milk

S5 E7 spilled milk

Mar. 22,2023

Regina and Rome face challenges living with Walter, while Eddie cautiously navigates his friendship with Nicole. Gary reunites with a relative who provides a new perspective on the past.

dear diary

S5 E8 dear diary

Mar. 29,2023

Secrets are revealed when Katherine meets Greta’s parents. Maggie returns to unexpected changes at her workplace. Rome and Omar reluctantly come together to make an important decision.

father's day

S5 E9 father's day

Apr. 05,2023

Gary feels the weight of his first Father’s Day as a new dad and his first without his own father. Eddie deals with an emergency. Meanwhile, Rome searches for a suitable environment for Walter.

the salesman

S5 E10 the salesman

Apr. 12,2023

Delilah reminisces on the past as she closes a chapter, while Greta weighs an offer from Katherine’s mother. Sophie and Tyrell discuss the future.


S5 E11 ironic

Apr. 19,2023

Katherine and Greta celebrate their wedding in spite of several setbacks. Regina faces tough competition, while Maggie and Gary navigate parenting decisions.

tough stuff

S5 E12 tough stuff

Apr. 26,2023

Gary and Maggie make a difficult decision. Katherine and Greta explore options for the future. Eddie and Delilah realize they need to make a change.

one big thing

S5 E13 one big thing

May. 03,2023

A tight-knit circle of friends is reminded that friendship is a million little things.

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Cast of A Million Little Things Season 5

David Giuntoli

Eddie Saville

Romany Malco

Rome Howard

James Roday Rodriguez

Gary Mendez

Christina Moses

Regina Howard

Allison Miller

Maggie Bloom

Grace Park

Katherine Kim

Lizzy Greene

Sophie Dixon