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How to Watch 'Moonfall' Film: Where Is It Streaming?

How to Watch 'Moonfall' Film: Where Is It Streaming?

The disaster sci-fi blockbuster Moonfall release date is March 25, 2022. Roland Emmerich, the master of disaster films, has expanded his vision to the moon this time and stroke a series of high-energy scenes caused by the collision of the Earth and the moon. Let's see what's the story about and where to stream this movie online.

How to Watch 'Moonfall' Film: Where Is It Streaming?

Once the film was released, it raised discussion among the audience, and the gorgeous special effects surprised us again. Roland Emmerich, the director who specializes in disaster blockbusters such as 2012 Independence Day,  The Day after Tomorrow, and White House Down, are his masterpieces. Roland won a lot of awards and earned him proud fame. Fortunately for audiences, Roland Emmerich has continued his relentless pursuit of sci-fi and disaster with Moonfall movies.

What is Moonfall about?

Halle Berry and Patrick Wilson in Moonfall (2022)

Moonfall film tells the story of a terrible disaster that will happen when the moon deorbits and hits the Earth. Before the collision, the Earth's gravity would spin out of control, and the moon would move closer. In the remaining time, human must try their best to discover the secret hidden on the moon.

In the film, the main characters include astronaut Brian Harper (Patrick Wilson), Jo Fowler (Halle Berry), and K.C. Houseman (John Bradley). KC has long argued that the moon is an unnatural giant structure. KC found out about this and leaked it to the press. As the moon begins to approach Earth, destroying and flooding cities, the U.S. military decides to take out the moon with nuclear weapons.

Jo, Brian, and KC embark on a mission to save the world from destruction. A surprising secret to the moon: It's a high-tech mega-base. The only thing they face next is a deadly battle with an alien force breaking into the moon's core. What's the secret of the Moon's derailment? Can they save the planet from its doom?

The movie is about 2 hours and 10 mins long; Moonfall rating is not bad as both the special effects and sound effects are excellent among Hollywood blockbusters. Sci-fi and disaster movie lovers can look forward to it during Moonfall showtimes.

Halle Berry plays a female commander with a lot of responsibility. When disaster strikes, instead of being a "mother" and a saved person, she becomes the key decision-maker. Patrick Wilson stars as a failed astronaut trapped in the mud of life. He returns to the moon when it comes to life and death. John Bradley stars as a talented but unsuccessful science geek whose crazy theories about the moon are not believed by everyone. He ends up being indispensable to saving Earth.

They are ordinary people but never fear the face of unknown danger. This fearlessness is the most moving part.

Where to Watch Moonfall Streaming Online for Free?

If you are wondering about Moonfall, where to watch it for free? It is on HBO Max and HBO Max Amazon Channel now. To stream this movie for free is recommended to register an Amazon Prime membership and get access to watch Moonfall on HBOmax Channel for a 30-day free trial. In addition, you can also stream it via DirecTV with a subscription.

Where can I watch Moonfall? You can also purchase it from multiple platforms, including Apple iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, VUDU, Microsoft Store, DirecTV, and AMC on Demand, from $9.99 in 4K and HD.

Is Moonfall streaming on HBO Max?

Yes. Even though the movie Moonfall is not distributed by Warner Bros. company, it is now coming to HBO Max for streaming. You can watch it on HBO Max or HBO Max via Amazon Channel with a subscription. It is also available to watch on DirecTV with a subscription.

Besides Moonfall, you can also watch the latest released movies on HBOmax, such as Black Adam (2022), Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone (2001), The Fallout (2021), Don't Worry Darling (2022), Dune (2021), The Menu (2022), The Banshees of Inisherin (2022), Amsterdam (2022), etc.

Is Moonfall Streaming on Netflix?

No. Moonfall is not available on Netflix now. It is now only available through HBO Max and its associated platforms. You may also stream it via multiple VOD platforms.

Although currently, this is not on Netflix, you can watch similar movies such as Don't Look Up (2021), Stowaway (2021), The Midnight Sky (2020), Jupiter Ascending (2015), Arrival (2016), and The Wandering Earth (2019).

Is Moonfall streaming on Hulu?

No. Moonfall is not available on Hulu now.

Is Moonfall streaming on Amazon Video?

Yes. Although Moonfall is not in the Amazon Prime Video library yet, you may watch it via HBO Max Amazon Channel now or purchase it via Amazon Store to watch this movie instantly on Prime Video.

If you are a Prime member, you can watch similar movies to Moonfal on Prime Video, such as Infinite (2021) features Mark Wahlberg and Chiwetel Ejiofor, and The Tomorrow War (2021) features Chris Pratt and Yvonne Strahovski.

Will there be Moonfall 2?

Moonfall has no plans for a second film. Still, director Loran Emmerich revealed in an interview with Collider that he's not interested in a Moonfall sequel, so there's no certainty there will be one. But the director also said his original plan was to make Moonfall a trilogy. 

But if he wanted to make Moonfall 2 and 3, he would do it back-to-back, with the second film's ending left in doubt. That is to say, and there will be no second film; if there is, the second and third films will be made together.

Disaster scene in Moonfall movie

Moonfall has thrilling escapes and spectacular visual elements that make the disaster look terrifying but exciting. The film's mysterious space elements let us realize that humans may not know as much about the vastness and history of space as they think.

The explanation for the moon moving in orbit and falling to Earth is incredibly ridiculous. With Moonfall, it's a little more fun if you don't take it that seriously.

On Independence Day, the characters were given little information about an alien attack. Still, Moonfall does the opposite, offering too much information about the moon as if to justify the plot and set the stage for a sequel.

It makes Emmerich's latest work feel like two very different movies: a disaster movie and a hard-core sci-fi thriller that aims to expand the mysteries surrounding the universe and humanity's place. Despite the movie plot, the scenes are incredible. The stunning visual effects include tides forming, mountains being destroyed, and earthquakes shattering the ground.

In Moonfall, Roland Emmerich once again delivers the ultimate visual feast of the big screen with his wild imagination and 1,700 special effects shots. The perfect combination of three new highlights makes Moonfall, a long-lost disaster blockbuster, more distinctive and expected.

The film's primary focus is the sci-fi disaster, and humanity is also the highlight. What choices do people have when the end is near? Showing the selfish side of human nature, he also tells the story of family reconciliation when the world falls apart: reconciliation between father and son, husband and wife, stepfather and children. All the little emotions are dissolved, and there is always a place for families who support and save each other.

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