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Best Supernatural Movies to Watch in 2022

Best Supernatural Movies to Watch in 2022

When it comes to supernatural movies to watch now in 2022, the first thing that comes to mind are the various superhero movies. The shining superpowers and special effects are eye-catching. But beyond superheroes, there are plenty of movies that contain paranormal phenomena. Religion, love, monsters and more.

Best Supernatural Movies to Watch in 2022

Let's see the 10 best supernatural movies to watch in 2022:

1.The Black Phone

Ethan Hawke in The Black Phone (2021)

Supernatural horror movies like The Black Phone are full of horror atmosphere which may be lack of supernatural elements but dip the audience into frighten.

Ethan Hawke played a serial killer in The Black Phone a psychopath who lives in a squalid basement, and his mask also makes his look flustering and frightening. Hawke's character, known as the Boy Catcher,is a guy who specializes in kidnapping teenage boys and doing unspeakable things to the kidnapped boys. He drives a black van from the 1970s. Whenever he jumped out of the car and dragged the victim into the car, he put on a magician's hat and left some black balloons at the scene. But the mask he wears is unique, with detachable parts that appear to have been carved out of stone: sometimes a squinting smile, sometimes a frown, sometimes just wearing parts of it.

The 13-year-old boy protagonist Finney is a lonely long-haired teenager. His father was an alcoholic and nearly all his friends were taken by the boy catcher, and Finney thought it was only a matter of time before he was taken.

This supernatural movie doesn't have the groundbreaking elements of a horror movie, and where it really shines is the slew of great actors and a talented director who pulls audiences back to the 70’s to meet a new child killer.

2.Nightmare Alley

Cate Blanchett and Bradley Cooper in Nightmare Alley (2021)

This supernatural movie, Nightmare Alley, tells the story of a man who works hard in the circus and masters the mind-reading trick to untie people's knots, but his sinful past continues to haunt him, making him gradually Fallen.

The film observes and reveals the character-Stan’s sinister, amoral personality through his actions. The first time was when Stan persuaded a freak to escape in a haunted circus house, only to be attacked by the freak, and Stan beat him on the head like a punishment for an animal. The second time Stan took advantage of the old man who knew how to read minds and psychic performances and stole his notes but was discovered and stopped by the old man. The third time, the day after Stan's failed note-stealing attempt, the old man was found dead from drinking the poisoned liquor that Stan had given him. The fourth time is when Stan encounters an honest police officer to inspect the circus. Stan observes his words and tells all the false performances to have supernatural powers and uses lies to fool the past encounters.

When Stan takes Molly out of the circus, the movie enters the second act. He has mastered all the arts of mind reading and psychics, and has performed well at high society banquets, and we also know that Stan is a must-have. Trust the bad guy, then wait for his retribution to come.

Different from typical Hollywood movies, Nightmare Alley does not require the audience to immerse themselves in the story by sympathizing with the protagonist. Instead, through questioning and unease, the audience is curious about the protagonist and eager to uncover its mystery.

3.Silent Hill

Jodelle Ferland in Silent Hill (2006)

One of the best supernatural horror movies, Silent Hill, conveys the heroine's desire for maternal love to the audience through supernatural horror. 

Many people misunderstood it as a bloody, brutal horror film. In fact, it is not. If you watch this movie with a line in the movie, it is not difficult to understand: "In the eyes of the child, the mother is God." A touching sentence. Maybe that's what this movie is about. If you want to understand this movie, you must first understand the three people in the movie and the three-dimensional world. The three are: Sharon, the kind side of Aretha, the adopted daughter of the heroine. Aretha herself, burned by the fire, has been lying in bed in the dark world and living in pain. Aretha's dark side, a little girl who looks the same as little Sharon because of Aretha's pain and hatred. The three-dimensional world is: the real world, the outer world, and the inner world. The real world is the world where Sharon's adoptive father exists that always rains at dusk. The world of the table is that white world, where the ashes after burning keep falling from the sky, like a snowy world. The inner world is the place where the walls rot and monsters are rampant in the film, and the dark inner world will come when Aretha's sense of hatred is violently active.

4.The Mist

Supernatural monster movie - The Mist (2007)

Religious issues are discussed in The Mist, one of the best supernatural movies. A huge storm suddenly hit the country town where David lives. The next day, the town was a mess. David took his son to the town's supermarket to buy emergency supplies. The mist spreads. David and some townspeople were forced to be trapped in the supermarket. Everyone gradually realized something terrible was constantly appearing in the impenetrable mist. Fear began to dominate people's will, and the townspeople who were once so familiar became strange. Humanity and life were both put to the test at this moment.

A controversial character in the film, which has a short, but a lot of controversies, is the child's mother, who walks into the mist alone at the beginning. The "selfish" mother asked to escort her home in danger and cursed others, hoping to fail. But in the end, she and her child were rescued. It is because the presence of women is a "religious signal." The mother said that saving the child was just a symbol, a test of human nature. But unfortunately, no one came forward. The ones who can go out and help her are the first kind of people who don't stand trial, have fraternity, and can sacrifice their lives for others. Jesus had such qualities so that he could be resurrected.

5.The Exorcist

Max von Sydow and Jason Miller in The Exorcist (1973)

The Exorcist tells the story of a little girl possessed by an evil spirit. Her mother tried various ways to treat the little girl, but all were ineffective. Ultimately, her mother had to ask a Catholic priest to perform an exorcism ceremony for the little girl.

This supernatural horror movie has left many classic scenes for film history: the little girl's green vomit, the 180-degree head turn, the waist-down walking, etc., which have been imitated countless times by later generations.

What's scary about The Exorcist is that it goes beyond the purely frightening angle typical of horror films. On the surface, this film doesn't even seem to be an exorcism story with a causal relationship between punishing evil and promoting good, and we can't see where the devil comes from. Instead, the movie shows the reality that people have been selectively ignoring and daring to face in the subconscious. Thinking about it carefully may be why many people are used to watching many ordinary horror movies and then watch this movie and do not feel as scary as expected.

6.Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)

Movies with supernatural powers often provides the audience with an unparalleled visual feast.

Doctor Strange 2 is a movie with quite a polarizing review, because it will be different from the previous superhero movies in the way and style of shooting. Although there is still a film length of about 2 hours and 6 minutes, it is still quite sincere and full of details and easter eggs, and each scene is very exciting.

In addition, this supernatural movie also incorporates Eastern religious ideas. For example, in the trailer, you can see Doctor Strange appearing in the Illuminati, known as the most intelligent hero on the planet. Doctor Strange 2 was also rated as "the most Thriller Marvel Movies", where the action scenes can be so direct that viewers don't know if they're watching a thriller or a hero movie.

7.Love and Monsters

Jessica Henwick and Dylan O'Brien in Love and Monsters (2020)

Compared to those stressing supernatural horror movies, supernatural romance movies like Love and Monsters are more like a relief.  

When the aliens invaded the Earth, human beings rose and launched a lot of nuclear weapons to destroy the alien invasion. However, a large amount of nuclear pollution has led to many animal gene mutations, which have turned into monsters. Giant monsters have taken over the Earth, and Joel Dawson lives underground with the rest of the world's surviving humans. He learned over the radio that his high school girlfriend Aimee was just 80 miles from him by the sea. Joel falls in love with Aimee again, and when he no longer misses the underground, he embarks on a journey to find Aimee, despite the monsters on the ground. On this dangerous journey, Joel discovers his inner heroism in being with the girl he loves.


Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson in Twilight (2008)

Twilight is another supernatural romance movie which has a classic for love and race. Because her parents divorced, the heroine Bella came to live in the town with her father. At school, Bella noticed a group of weird people who behaved strangely. They were maverick and mysterious. She meets Edward, one of the oddballs, a handsome blond, who fascinates her with his handsome looks and excellent conversation. During their relationship, Bella gradually develops feelings for Edward, but other weirdos are wary of her. At the same time, a series of deaths occurred in the town, and Bella's father, a police officer, oversaw investigating the case. However, police intervention did not stop the spread of death threats. In an accident, Edward rescued Bella. From then on, she discovered that he had superpowers that were different from ordinary people and began to suspect that the other party was a murderer. In the face of the facts, Edward confessed to her that he was a vegetarian vampire, so the murderer was someone else. In the fetters of a murder case, a love between people and ghosts begins.


Toni Collette and Milly Shapiro in Hereditary (2018)

Speaking of best horror movies in 2010s, Hereditary is worth mentioning. The film is known for being elegantly scary.

Hereditary is a story about the possession and reincarnation of the god Paimon, one of the eight gods of hell. Paimon is a demon that looks like a woman. He rides a dromedary. His demonic ability is to make his followers gain fame, artistic inspiration, science, and other intellectual talents. Granny Charlie's hand-woven rugs are very well done. Annie brought the dollhouse to life. Charlie's DIY guillotine toys, as well as paintings, are also unique, all of which hint at the gift of Paimon's Dark Arts.

This supernatural movie doesn't have a very substantial storyline, but instead progresses through the performance of Paimon as he descends upon everyone in the family separately. Various religious and theological signals inform the atmosphere of the film. Tongue snaps, believers, dummies, etc. images throughout the film. In short, this is a supernatural horror movie with a delicately terrifying effect.


John Hurt in Alien (1979)

This movie is the most horrifying supernatural monster movie. The film tells the story of the crew fighting against aliens after a spacecraft accidentally brought alien monsters on board during a rescue mission.

In the unique environment of spaceship, which is narrow, claustrophobic, and helpless, the horror of aliens has been enhanced like never before. You never know where a deadly enemy is hidden, and you can't escape from this dangerous space. In the face of the cruel reality that the companions around him may be possessed by aliens at any time, the idea of  focusing on portraying women as the protagonists strengthens this contrast.

The recognized classic and greatness of Alien is that it completely redefines the sub-genre of sci-fi horror films, and its aesthetic style and metaphors have directly led to The Alien and Iron Blood in the following 33 years. The birth of a large number of parodies works such as Warrior can also be seen in later sci-fi classics such as The Matrix and City of Souls.

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