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15 Best Christian Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime

15 Best Christian Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Do you like watching Christian movies? Today we will talk about some best feel-good Christian movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime Video that you can choose from.

15 Best Christian Movies on Netflix and Amazon Prime

Here is list of the best Christian movies on Amazon Prime and Netflix that you need to enjoy them of all time.

1.The Shack (2017)

Radha Mitchell, Sam Worthington, Megan Charpentier, Gage Munroe, and Amélie Eve in The Shack (2017)

The Shack is one of the Christian movies on Netflix directed by Stuart Hazeldine. This movie mainly tells Mackenzie Allen Phillips' youngest daughter, Missy, was kidnapped and convicted of death. Few years later, Mackenzie received a letter and suspected it was God asking him to return to The Shack where Missy might have been murdered. After much deliberation, he leaves home and goes to The Shack for the first time since Missy’s accident, encountering something that will change his life forever. This is one of the good Christian movies that no one should miss, with the melodious and comfortable soundtrack, for every wounded heart gentle healing, no one can force us to let go or forgive, but for the sake of our loved ones, can be relieved.

2.The Girl Who Believes in Miracles (2021)

Sara Hopkins in The Girl Who Believes in Miracles (2021)

The Girl Who Believes in Miracles is one of the new Christian movies 2021, which is directed by Richard Correll. This Christian movie mainly talks about 12-year-old Sara Hopkins is the most devout member of the family. During a trip to visit her grandfather, Sara was convinced she saw Jesus on the banks of the river near her grandfather’s favorite fishing spot. Through this divine revelation, she discovered that she was able to resurrect dead birds. Of course, no one in the family believed her. But over time, they discovered that Sara was able to heal some who believed she could “see the god”. And soon her family, locals, and even the media rushed to learn more about the little girl who “could do miracles.”

3.The Fighting Preacher (2019)

Willard Bean in The Fighting Preacher (2019)

The Fighting Preacher is one of the best Christian movies, which is directed by T.C Christensen. This movie is mainly about when Willard Bean and his wife Rebecca are sent on a mission to a town that is hostile to them, they must make a decision whether to fight for their right to live there or to love their hostile neighbors. This is a feel-good movie that you will enjoy its acting and the music as well as the scene. Although there is the fighting part, it is not the main focus.

This Christian movie just want you to believe something that you are try to follow and please show your respect to everyone and everything, with your kind hearts.

4.A Week Away (2021)

Bailee Madison and Kevin Quinn in A Week Away (2021)

A Week Away is also one of the new Christian movies 2021, which is directed by Roman White. This movie is also one of the best Christian movies 2022. The film tells the story of troubled teenager Will Hawkins who faces a crossroads in his life because he has broken the law, and he must choose between being put in a juvenile detention center or attending a Christian summer camp. Forced to come to the summer camp, Will is uncomfortable at first, but he gradually opens his heart, falls in love with the girl who often participates in camp activities, and finally accidentally finds his long-desired sense of belonging. The music in the movie can be excellent and you will love it if you watch this movie with listening the music.

5.Blue Miracle (2021)

Dennis Quaid and Isaac Arellanes in Blue Miracle (2021)

Blue Miracle is one of the best Christian movies in 2021, which is directed by Julio Quintana. It is one of the free Christian movies on YouTube. This movie tells the story of a very caring person in charge of a Mexican orphanage, the male protagonist leads the teenagers to save the orphanage, participate in the world’s largest fishing competition and achieve the first place, win the grand prize, let the orphanage survive and develop and grow, and take in more orphans. Opening an orphanage with private power is already very impressive. None of the children are willing to be an orphan, but life on the streets can force them to become more isolated and even associated with crime. Saving their lives is not only keeping them alive, but saving their lives.

6.Fatima (2020)

Alejandra Howard, Jorge Lamelas, and Stephanie Gil in Fatima (2020)

Fatima is one of the best Christian movies, which is directed by Macro Pontecorvo. Based on real events, this Christian movie tells the story of three children in Fatima, Portugal, who claim to have witnessed the apparition of the Virgin Mary and predicted that disaster was coming. Two of them had died of the flu virus in 1917-1918, and they had been baptized by the Pope only the week before. After watching this movie, I want to express that any Orthodox faith guides people to goodness, truth and purity. Peace and love are the only liberation in the hearts of creatures like us!

7.2 Hearts (2020)

2 Hearts (2020) poster

2 Hearts People is one of good Christian movies, which is directed by Lance Hool. This movie is based on the true story about the organ transplantation, and it tells the story of two couples whose lives are intertwined through organ transplantation. Both male protagonists are born with fatal diseases. But in the end, both of them had happy lives with their wives. Some lines in this movie are impressive: “there are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle, the other is as though everything is a miracle.” Everything may happen, so you need to be brave and have the passion to pursue what you want in the process of life.

8.I Can Only Imagine (2018)

Michael Finley in I Can Only Imagine (2018)

I Can Only Imagine is Christian movies based on true stories, which directed by Erwin Brothers. This movie tells the Bart grew up under the high-pressure education of his strict father Arthur, no matter how much he flattered his father, Arthur's heart was like a high wall, hard and tough, blocking between their father and son, preventing Bart from easily approaching. He was sad and ran away, but music and faith changed him; Music gave him the courage to face everything, and faith taught him the love that his father couldn’t say until he died. When he finally succeeds on the stage, he wants to share this joy with people through music, and he believes that his father must be in that place called paradise, smiling and listening to his singing.

9.Unplanned (2019)

Ashley Bratcher in Unplanned (2019)

Unplanned is good Christian movies, which is directed by Chuck Konzelman. This movie is mainly about: as one of the nation’s youngest Planned Parenthood clinic directors, Abby Johnson has been involved in more than 22,000 abortions and counseled countless women on reproductive options. Her passion for women’s right to choose has led her to become a spokesperson for Planned Parenthood, creating legislation for causes she believes in. Until one day, she saw something that changed everything.

10.The Passion of the Christ (2004)

Jim Caviezel in The Passion of the Christ (2004)

The Passion of the Christ is one of the Christian Christmas movies, which is directed by Mei Gibson. This one of Christian movies describes the story that took place in the last 12 hours before Jesus’ martyrdom. It was the day of his crucifixion in Jerusalem, and the cruelest and most painful torture he had ever endured as a human being, until the death of his life. After the Last Supper, Jesus began to pray, and He endured Satan’s temptations constantly. Judas, who betrayed Jesus, pushed Jesus to the cross, and the captured Jesus was imprisoned in the city of Jerusalem.

11.Letters to God (2010)

Bailee Madison in Letters to God (2010)

Letters to God is Christian movies for kids, which is directed by David Nixon. At eight years old, Tyler Doherty unfortunately suffered from cancer, but fortunately, his devotion and sincere faith in God saved his young heart. Tyler’s greatest pleasure was writing letters to God, and these passionate letters were passed on to Brady, and as a postman, he knew that Taylor’s letters would never be sent. Recently, Brady has had life problems and everything around him makes him feel powerless. Unexpectedly, after reading Tyler’s letter to God, Brady miraculously gained confidence and touch. Brady finds Tyler’s family and becomes friends with them, and he is determined to help Tyler achieve his dream, and at the same time, Brady also finds his own faith in life. This is a movie about faith, love, hope. The film is adapted from a true story, showing his steadfastness of faith with the life of an eight-year-old child, so that the adults around him who are living in distress can know the true faith.

12.Seven Days in Utopia (2011)

Deborah Ann Woll in Seven Days in Utopia (2011)

Seven Days in Utopia is one of Christian movies on amazon prime, which is directed by Matt Russell. The film protagonist is Luke Chisholm, a young, talented golfer preparing to play on his professional tour. However, his performance in the game was not satisfactory, he messed up everything and even made himself a laughing stock. To escape the pressure, he moved to Utopia, Texas, with a golf course. He swings here without distraction, and his level surprises him.

13.God’s Not Dead (2014)

Shane Harper in God's Not Dead (2014)

God’s Not Dead is one of the Christian movies on hulu, which is directed by Harold Cronk. This movie tells the story of a young man named Josh Wheaton defending his faith in God. Josh, a freshman, told students that “God is dead” and asked students to sign a statement about “God is dead” in order to pass. Josh refused to sign the statement and had to accept the challenge of proving that “God lives.” This film mainly promotes religion, which conveys human nature and freedom of thought, their faith is thinking without blindness, and faith is another perfect moral system for them.

14.Heaven Is for Real (2014)

Greg Kinnear and Connor Corum in Heaven Is for Real (2014)

Heaven Is for Real is one of the Christian movies for kids, which is directed by Randall Wallace. The film is based on real people and tells the story of Colton Burpo, a three-year-old boy in Nebraska, USA, who wakes up after surgery and tells his family that he has gone to heaven. He talks of his grandfather and his unborn sister that the story of her mother’s miscarriage was not told to others. Some other strange stories make this movie get more interesting and curious.

15.The Nativity Story (2006)

Keisha Castle-Hughes and Oscar Isaac in The Nativity Story (2005)

The Nativity Story is one of Christian movies on Netflix, which is directed by Catherine Hardwicke. The film tells the story of Mary and Joseph, who traveled thousands of miles from Nazareth to the holy city and finally gave birth to Jesus. As Joseph and Mary travelled from Nazareth to Bethlehem, Joseph took on the responsibility of protecting Mary and her children. We are aware of why God chose Joseph to be Jesu’ father on earth. Some Christian movie reviews on The Nativity Story focus on the responsibility and the faith, because Jesus’ father try his best to protect his baby even in that mess condition.

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