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Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date: Is the Season 2 Streaming?

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date: Is the Season 2 Streaming?

Showtime has confirmed its intention to expand the Dexter franchise with a prequel series and a Dexter New Blood season 2. Additionally, the network is considering spinoff shows centered around other characters from the franchise, such as John Lithgow's Trinity Killer.

Dexter New Blood Season 2 Release Date: Is the Season 2 Streaming?

In 2013, Dexter concluded its original run but was revived in 2021 as Dexter New Blood. The new season aimed to deliver a more fulfilling ending by bringing together the titular serial killer with his now-teenage son, Harrison, whom he had left behind at the conclusion of the original series. Dexter had believed that it was in the best interest of his loved ones to spare them from the perils that accompanied his life.

The series follows the story of Dexter Morgan, a forensic blood spatter analyst who leads a secret life as a vigilante serial killer. In the original series, Dexter lived in Miami and worked for the police department, but in Dexter New Blood, he has relocated to a small town in upstate New York under a new identity.

The plot of Dexter New Blood revolves around Dexter trying to start a new life and leave his dark past behind, but he finds himself being drawn back into his old ways when a new threat emerges in his new community. Alongside Dexter, the series introduces new characters and brings back some familiar faces from the original series.

Will there be any Dexter New Blood season 2?

During its initial run, Showtime broadcasted ten episodes of 'Dexter New Blood' season 1, each ranging from 43 to 58 minutes in length. The season made its debut on November 7th, 2021, and concluded on January 9th, 2022.

As for a potential second season, neither Showtime executives nor 'Dexter New Blood' producers have announced its production yet. When questioned about continuing the story, Phillips expressed confidence in the show's ratings growth after the season's finale, but it is ultimately up to Showtime to decide if they want to continue. Phillips stated he would be interested in creating a sequel if given the opportunity.

Dexter New Blood season 2 Release Date?

The future of 'Dexter New Blood' remains uncertain, and it is also unclear about Dexter New Blood season 2 release date or even will Dexter New Blood have a season 2. However, Clyde Phillips, the show's executive producer and writer, has expressed his desire to continue the story of Harrison Morgan, the biological son of Dexter and Rita Morgan.

In an interview with Deadline, Phillips stated that he believed the show was a valuable asset and was confident that viewership would increase as people began to binge-watch the series. Whether or not Showtime decides to pursue more episodes is up to them. If offered the opportunity, Phillips would eagerly jump at the chance to create another season, prioritizing it above his other projects.

Potential cast of Dexter New Blood season 2

Cast of Dexter New Blood Season 2

The first season of Dexter: New Blood features a cast that includes Michael C. Hall in the lead role of Dexter Morgan/Jim Lindsay/Bay Harbor Butcher, alongside Julia Jones, Clancy Brown (as Dexter's best friend), Jennifer Carpenter (as Debra Morgan), and Jack Alcott (as Kurt Caldwell). Other notable cast members include John Lithgow and David Zayas, as well as Johnny Sequoyah and Alano Miller (as Angel Batista).

Regarding a potential cast of Dexter New Blood season 2, it has been suggested that Harrison's pain could be explored in a similar way to how Dexter's pain was channeled through Harry and Deb. While the rest of the cast is expected to return, new characters may also be introduced to further develop the show's world.

Where Can I Watch Dexter New Blood Season 2?

Although Dexter New Blood season 2 showtime is not officially announced yet. There are various ways to stream all seasons of Dexter, including the spin-off, Dexter: New Blood. Showtime offers all eight seasons of the original series, as well as the latest addition, New Blood. Another option is to access all eight seasons of Dexter on Amazon Prime U.S., but New Blood is exclusively available through the Showtime premium add-on.

Michael C. Hall as Dexter Morgan

Is Dexter New Blood Season 2 on HBO Max, Amazon Prime, Paramount Plus, or Netflix?

‘Dexter New Blood’is not available on Netflix, but can be streamed on various other platforms. Hulu subscribers with the Showtime add-on can watch the latest episodes of the show. Similarly, Amazon Prime users need to get the Showtime add-on to stream the miniseries. On the other hand, ‘Dexter New Blood’ is part of HBO Max's current lineup, and viewers can also watch similar shows like ‘Prodigal Son’ or ‘I'll Be Gone in the Dark.’ The miniseries can also be accessed on Showtime’s official website with a subscription. Platforms such as YouTubeTV, DirecTV, SlingTV, Spectrum, and FuboTV will also air‘Dexter: New Blood’upon its release, and the show is expected to be available on AppleTV too.

Where Can You Watch“Dexter New Blood Season 1”on TV?

For fans of 'Dexter New Blood,' there are several options available for streaming the latest episodes. The most straightforward method is to have a subscription to Showtime, as the miniseries is available to stream directly on their official website.

Alternatively, viewers can use popular platforms such as YouTube TV, DirecTV, Sling TV, Spectrum, and Fubo TV to watch the latest episodes as soon as they premiere. Additionally, it has been reported that the show will also be accessible on Apple TV.

Regardless of the platform, fans can look forward to following Dexter's latest chapter as he navigates the challenges of his new life and confronts his past in a thrilling crime drama mystery.

What Could Happen in a Second Season of Dexter New Blood?

According to sources, there is no official confirmation yet on whether there will be a second season for Dexter New Blood. However, the fate of the series' protagonist, Dexter, and how his death could potentially pave the way for a continuation in season 2 Dexter New Blood has been discussed. In an interview with Deadline, executive producer and writer Clyde Phillips suggested that if a second season were to happen, the show would shift its focus to Dexter's son, Harrison, who is now grown up.

Harrison Morgan and Dexter Morgan

Phillips expressed that Harrison is a complicated character who has the potential to be just as evil as Dexter. He also noted that Harrison has a unique perspective on vigilantism, one that his father found shocking. According to Phillips, He’s so wrapped up in this youthful innocence that he and his dad are the next big thing - like Batman and Robin. Consider how many lives we save each time we eliminate one of these bad guys. They’re not going to be able to kill any more innocent people. That never even crossed Dexter’s mind before because he was fulfilling code.

Although it is unclear how Harrison's story will unfold in a potential season 2, it will likely build on the events from the first season. Fans will have to wait and see if the show's creators decide to continue the story beyond the current season.

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