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The Marksman

6.9 PG-13
Action, Thriller

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The Marksman is a 2021 action-thriller movie directed by Robert Lorenz and stars Liam Neeson and Katheryn Winnick. The Marksman is about a rancher on the Arizona border becomes the unlikely defender of a young Mexican boy desperately fleeing the cartel assassins who've pursued him into the U.S.


Liam Neeson, Katheryn Winnick, Teresa Ruiz, Juan Pablo Raba, Jacob Perez

release date

January. 15,2021

run time

1 hr 48 min


Robert Lorenz


Robert Lorenz

production companies

Zero Gravity Management, Voltage Pictures, Sculptor Media

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Full "The Marksman" movie available to stream on a free trial service from Prime Video, Paramount+, Epix

Full "The Marksman" movie available to stream on a subscription service from Prime Video

Full "The Marksman" movie available to rent or buy on Prime Video

Full "The Marksman" movie is not available to watch for free online

The Marksman: What You Should Know

Q: Where was The Marksman filmed?

A: The filming Locations of The Marksman(2021) , which originally titled 'The Minuteman' wrapped filming in October 2019, having shot scenes majorly in Cleveland, Ohio and New Mexico.

Q: Is The Marksman on Netflix?

A: The Marksman is not available to stream on Netflix currently.

Q: Where can I watch The Marksman?

A: Currently you are able to watch The Marksman streaming on Amazon Prime Video, Paramount Plus and Paramount+ on Amazon Channel, Epix and DirecTV.

Q: Can I watch The Marksman on Prime Video?

A: Yes. The Marksman is available to stream on Prime Video with free trial now.

Q: Can I streamThe Marksmanon Hulu?

A: No. The Marksmanis not on HULU now.

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The Marksman Full Details

S. No. Movie Name The Marksman
1 Type Movie
2 Release Date January. 15,2021
3 Language en
4 Run Time 108 mins
5 Streaming On Prime Video, Paramount+, Epix
6 Director Robert Lorenz

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