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The world is in great danger since the vampires have controlled the planet Earth. Human beings have become servants or even food of vampires. At the same time, a man plans to end the tyranny of vampires by rebellion. Nick Hazzard is a rebel who doesn’t obey the vampires, and he starts the human rebellion with a woman named Ora.

release date

August. 10,2005

run time

1 hr 17 min


Joel D. Wynkoop


Joel D. Wynkoop, Phil Herman

production companies

Wynkoop Productions

Where to Watch The Bite

Unfortunately the movie is not available to stream online on your favorite apps like Netflix, Prime Video, Disney+, Hulu or HBO Max etc.

Watch Guide

Full movie is not available to stream with any subscription services.

Full movie is not available to rent or buy.

Full movie is not available to watch for free online.

The Bite: What You Should Know

Q: Where can I watch The Bite 2005 full movie online?

A: t is currently not available to watch on any streaming services.

Q: Where to stream The Bite for free?

A: Currently there is no option to watch this movie free.

Q: Is The Bite movie on Netflix?

A: No, it is not available to watch on Netflix now.

Q: Will there be a sequel to The Bite coming out?

A: No. It is unlikely that the sequel will happen.

Q: Who is the main cast in The Bite?

A: Joel D. Wynkoop(Girls Gone Dead), Mary Catherine Holseybrook Wynkoop(All Wrapped Up), Mark A. Nash(The Clovehitch Killer)

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Cast of The Bite

Joel D. Wynkoop

Nick Hazzard

Mary Catherine Holseybrook Wynkoop

Karen Webber

Mark A. Nash

Marly Fanson / The Destroyer

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