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Secret Headquarters

7 PG
Adventure, Action, Science Fiction

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Secret Headquarters is a 2022 action movie directed by Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman and stars Owen Wilson, Michael Peña, and Walker Scobell. Charlie(Walker Scobell) and his friends discover the headquarters of the world's superhero beneath his home. While villains attack, they defend the headquarters and save the world together.


Owen Wilson, Michael Peña, Walker Scobell, Momona Tamada, Keith L. Williams

release date

August. 12,2022

run time

1 hr 29 min


Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman


Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman, Christopher L. Yost

production companies

Paramount, Jerry Bruckheimer Films

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Full "Secret Headquarters" movie available to stream on a free trial service from Paramount+

Full "Secret Headquarters" movie is not available to watch for free online

Full "Secret Headquarters" movie is not available to stream on a subscription service online

Full "Secret Headquarters" movie is not available to rent or buy online

Secret Headquarters: What You Should Know

Q: Where can I watch Secret Headquarters?

A: Secret Headquarters is available on Paramount Plus and Paramount+ on Amazon Channel.

Q: Who does Walker Scobell play in Secret Headquarters?

A: Walker Scobell plays Charlie Kincaid in Secret Headquarters.

Q: Is Secret Headquarters a Marvel movie?

A: No. Secret Headquarters tilts a lot closer to Disney Channel territory than Marvel.

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Secret Headquarters Full Details

S. No. Movie Name Secret Headquarters
1 Type Movie
2 Release Date August. 12,2022
3 Language en
4 Run Time 89 mins
5 Streaming On Paramount+
6 Director Henry Joost, Ariel Schulman

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