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Jack Reacher

7 PG-13
Drama, Action, Thriller

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Jack Reacher is a 2012 crime,drama,thriller,action movie directed by Christopher McQuarrie and stars Tom Cruise,Rosamund Pike,Richard Jenkins and David Oyelowo. This film mainly talk about When a gunman takes five lives with six shots, all evidence points to the suspect in custody. On interrogation, the suspect offers up a single note: "Get Jack Reacher!" So begins an extraordinary chase for the truth, pitting Jack Reacher against an unexpected enemy, with a skill for violence and a secret to keep.


Tom Cruise, Rosamund Pike, Richard Jenkins, David Oyelowo, Werner Herzog

release date

December. 20,2012

run time

2 hr 10 min


Christopher McQuarrie


Christopher McQuarrie

production companies

Paramount, TC Productions, Skydance Media

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Full "Jack Reacher" movie available to stream on a free trial service from Prime Video, Paramount+, Epix

Full "Jack Reacher" movie available to stream on a subscription service from Prime Video

Full "Jack Reacher" movie available to rent or buy on Prime Video

Full "Jack Reacher" movie is not available to watch for free online

Jack Reacher: What You Should Know

Q: Who plays Jack Reacher?

A: Tom Cruise played Jack Reacher in Jack Reacher (2012).

Q: How many Jack Reacher movies are there?

A: There are two Jack Reacher movies by Tom Cruise:Jack Reacher (2012) and Jack Reacher: Never Go Back (2016).

Q: Where to watch Jack Reacher?

A: You can watch Jack Reacher 2012 movie on the Prime Video, PraramountPlus and Epix.

Q: Is Jack Reacher on Netflix?

A: No. Jack Reacher is not available to stream on Netflix now.

Q: Can I watch Jack Reacher on Prime Video?

A:Yes. Jack Reacher is available to stream on Prime Video with free trial now.

Q: Can I stream Jack Reacher on Hulu?

A: No. Jack Reacher is not on HULU now.

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Jack Reacher Full Details

S. No. Movie Name Jack Reacher
1 Type Movie
2 Release Date December. 20,2012
3 Language en
4 Run Time 130 mins
5 Streaming On Prime Video, Paramount+, Epix
6 Director Christopher McQuarrie

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