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Honest Thief

8.3 PG-13
Drama, Action, Thriller

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Honest Thief is a 2020 action movie directed by Mark Williams and stars Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney and Jeffrey Donovan. Tom Carter (Liam Neeson) is a meticulous thief has stolen $9 million from small-town banks. But when Tom falls in love with Annie Wilkins(Kate Walsh), he decides to turn himself to the FBI, only to be double-crossed by two ruthless FBI agents.


Liam Neeson, Kate Walsh, Jai Courtney, Jeffrey Donovan, Anthony Ramos

release date

September. 03,2020

run time

1 hr 39 min


Mark Williams


Steve Allrich, Mark Williams

production companies

Ingenious Media, Zero Gravity Management, Dreadnought Films

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Full "Honest Thief" movie available to stream on a free trial service from Prime Video

Full "Honest Thief" movie available to stream on a subscription service from Prime Video

Full "Honest Thief" movie available to rent or buy on Prime Video

Full "Honest Thief" movie is not available to watch for free online

Honest Thief: What You Should Know

Q: Where can you watch Honest Thief movie?

A: Honest Thief is available to stream with Amazon Prime Video with a subscription now. And you can also buy or rent Honest Thief movie on Amazon Prime Video store, Redbox, Apple iTunes, Google play, YouTube, DIRECTV and VUDU.

Q: Where wasHonest Thief filmed?

A: Honest Thief were filmed in Worcester in late 2018 and included locations like the AC Marriot hotel, City Square, Federal Square, and many more.

Q: Is Honest Thief on Netflix?

A: No. Honest Thief is now not available on Netflix in the US. 

Q: Can I Watch Honest Thief on Prime Video?

A:  Yes. Honest Thief is available to stream with Amazon Prime Video.

Q: Can I stream Honest Thief on HULU? 

A: No. Honest Thief is currently not available on HULU. 

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Honest Thief Full Details

S. No. Movie Name Honest Thief
1 Type Movie
2 Release Date September. 03,2020
3 Language en
4 Run Time 99 mins
5 Streaming On Prime Video
6 Director Mark Williams

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