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Brain on Fire is based on the personal memoir of New York Post reporter Susannah Cahalan. After showing flu-like symptoms, Susannah starts to behave erratically, including hearing things that were not said and being sensitive to loud noises. Doctors initially dismiss her illness, thinking it was due to partying too much and working too hard. Her behavior becomes more erratic, and she is eventually diagnosed with anti-NMDA receptor encephalitis, a rare brain inflammation. With treatment, she fully recovers and writes a book about her experience, helping others with the same illness.

release date

February. 22,2017

run time

1 hr 28 min


Gerard Barrett


Gerard Barrett

production companies

Denver and Delilah Productions, Foundation Features, Blank Pages Productions

Where to Watch Brain on Fire

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Full movie is available to stream with subscription on Netflix.

Full movie is not available to rent or buy.

Full movie is not available to watch for free online.

Brain on Fire: What You Should Know

Q: Where can I watch Brain on Fire 2017 full movie online?

A: You can stream this movie on demand on Netflix with subscription online.

Q: Where to stream Brain on Fire for free?

A: Currently there is no option to watch this movie free.

Q: Is Brain on Fire movie on Netflix?

A: Yes, currently it is available to watch on Netflix.

Q: Who is the main cast in Brain on Fire?

A: Chloë Grace Moretz (Kick-Ass), Thomas Mann (Me and Earl and the Dying Girl), Richard Armitage (The Hobbit trilogy)

Q: Any other movies like Brain on Fire?

A: The Big Sick (2017), Still Alice (2014), The Fundamentals of Caring (2016), The Perks of Being a Wallflower (2012)

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Cast of Brain on Fire

Chloë Grace Moretz

Susannah Cahalan

Thomas Mann

Stephen Grywalski

Richard Armitage

Tom Cahalan

Carrie-Anne Moss

Rhona Nack

Jenny Slate


Tyler Perry


Alex Zahara


Jenn MacLean-Angus


Ken Tremblett


Navid Negahban

Dr. Najjar

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