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Winter House Season 2

Winter House Season 2


When it snows in Vermont, the Winter House crew arrives to warm things up. The friendship between the pals begins to deteriorate, and tensions escalate. Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval arrive in Stowe just in time to defuse the building tension in their shared apartment. Everyone made their own decision after the party.

air date

October. 13,2022

production companies

Truly Original

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Season 2

Winter House Season 2 Episode Guide

And Stowe It Begins

S2 E1 And Stowe It Begins

Oct. 13,2022

As the snow returns to Vermont, the Winter House crew arrives to heat things up. While Kyle and Amanda enjoy their newlywedded bliss, Luke quickly becomes mesmerized by a new girl in the house.

Cold Snap

S2 E2 Cold Snap

Oct. 20,2022

Relationships begin to shatter during a snow squall; Craig takes a firm stance on shared house chores; Ciara, Luke and Jason flirt with the newcomers; after a party at a local bar in town, tensions rise.

Saints & Sinners

S2 E3 Saints & Sinners

Oct. 27,2022

After a heated argument, one housemate remains in exile; Paige grows frustrated with Craig's behaviour; Kory's attraction to one of the housemates starts to grow stronger.

Highs and Froze

S2 E4 Highs and Froze

Nov. 03,2022

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval arrive in Stowe just in time to ease the growing tension in the share house and participate in the Arctic Games; Rachel makes the first move with Jason as Paige confides in Amanda on the slopes.

Cold Shoulder

S2 E5 Cold Shoulder

Nov. 10,2022

To celebrate the Toms last night, the housemates throw a euphoric party that turns up the heat; Austen misses his girl back in Charleston, S.C., but his history with Ciara gets in the way of bringing her to Stowe.

Friendships on Ice

S2 E6 Friendships on Ice

Nov. 17,2022

With Lindsay and Carl's arrival to Stowe, Kyle, Amanda and Luke are excited to see their besties.

If Looks Could Chill

S2 E7 If Looks Could Chill

Dec. 01,2022

While some housemates attempt to ice fish, others find drama at a local bar; Jess confesses her love for Kory, but he’s unsure if he can commit; after months of strained friendship, Austen takes Lindsay aside for an unusual conversation.

Stowe Messy

S2 E8 Stowe Messy

Dec. 08,2022

Jason woos Rachel on Stowe Mountain; Paige ponders her next steps with Craig; Austen is at odds with both Lindsay and Ciara; Jessica asks Kyle for advice about her feelings for Kory, but her compliments for Rachel leave much to be desired.

Until We Gnar Again

S2 E9 Until We Gnar Again

Dec. 15,2022

Rachel confronts Jess about insulting her looks; Jason sets up a date with Rachel; Paige and Craig celebrate their six-month anniversary with excitement for their future; Kyle and Amanda bask in the final hours of their first stress-free vacation.

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Cast of Winter House Season 2

Kyle Cooke


Amanda Batula


Luke Gulbranson


Paige DeSorbo


Craig Conover


Austen Kroll


Ciara Miller