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The Sinner Season 3

The Sinner Season 3


The Sinner season 3 follows Detective Harry Ambrose's investigation of a car accident in upstate New York. Nick Haas and Jamie Burns are in the car when the accident occurs, but only Jamie survives. Jamie keeps claiming that Nick's death is accidental, which induces Ambrose's suspicion. With the development of the investigation, another hidden crime is revealed, and Jamie grows to be psycho, which pushes Ambrose to make a hard decision.

air date

February. 06,2020

production companies

UCP, Iron Ocean Films, Zaftig Films

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The Sinner Season 3 Episode Guide

Part I

S3 E1 Part I

Feb. 06,2020

Detective Ambrose investigates a tragic yet suspicious car accident on the outskirts of Dorchester.

Part II

S3 E2 Part II

Feb. 13,2020

Ambrose looks into Jamie and Nick's relationship before the crash. Jamie begins to unravel.

Part III

S3 E3 Part III

Feb. 20,2020

Ambrose investigates Jamie's past. Leela gives birth as Jamie's anxiety reaches a breaking point.

Part IV

S3 E4 Part IV

Feb. 27,2020

Ambrose pursues Jamie through New York City and tries to prevent another homicide.

Part V

S3 E5 Part V

Mar. 05,2020

Ambrose urges the NYPD to investigate Jamie for a new crime. Jamie struggles to salvage his life.

Part VI

S3 E6 Part VI

Mar. 12,2020

Jamie pays Sonya a surprise visit. Ambrose goes to extreme lengths to get a confession.

Part VII

S3 E7 Part VII

Mar. 19,2020

After a major turn in the case, Ambrose's tactics are scrutinized.


S3 E8 Part VIII

Mar. 26,2020

Jamie seeks vengeance, putting him on a collision course with Ambrose.

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Cast of The Sinner Season 3

Bill Pullman

Harry Ambrose

Frances Fisher

Meg Muldoon

Alice Kremelberg

Percy Muldoon

Neal Huff

Sean Muldoon

Cindy Cheung

Stephanie Lam

Ronin Wong

Mike Lam

Jessica Hecht

Sonya Barzel

Michael Mosley

Colin Muldoon