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The Circle Season 5

The Circle Season 5


The hit American reality competition show The Circle season 5 officially streamed on Netflix. The host, Michelle Buteau, returned, and it is the first to have a subtitle, Circle Single. The players compete without meeting in person and communicate through social media by portraying themselves in any way they want. The final winner can win a total of $100,000 prize.

air date

December. 28,2022

production companies

Studio Lambert

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The Circle Season 5 Episode Guide

Single and Ready To Mingle

S5 E1 Single and Ready To Mingle

Dec. 28,2022

Eight players kick things off by discussing go-to dance moves, past relationships and more. First impressions form fast, so every emoji counts.

An Unlikely Team Emerges

S5 E2 An Unlikely Team Emerges

Dec. 28,2022

After a shocking vote, two players get a big surprise. A funny new face has the chat laughing, while strategic cliques start to form behind the scenes.

I Can’t Believe I Just Sent That…

S5 E3 I Can’t Believe I Just Sent That…

Dec. 28,2022

One player opens up in a game of Truth Or Dare while another sets off catfish alarm bells. Two potential couples get their Circle flirt on.

Who To Save?

S5 E4 Who To Save?

Dec. 28,2022

After a dating profile game results in some bruised egos, the influencers debate a tough decision when the time comes to block someone.

Hi Old Friend

S5 E5 Hi Old Friend

Jan. 04,2023

A familiar face returns to The Circle with a brand-new online personality. The competition heats up when two players compete to recruit followers.

A Desperate Alliance

S5 E6 A Desperate Alliance

Jan. 04,2023

Everyone models their best assets during a sculpting challenge to win a date. One player weighs loyalty versus strategy while considering who to block.

Glam Party Twist

S5 E7 Glam Party Twist

Jan. 04,2023

The players go head-to-head in a trivia showdown, explore possible alliances during a virtual mixer and welcome a fabulous competitor to the chat.

An F-Boy Is Exposed

S5 E8 An F-Boy Is Exposed

Jan. 04,2023

Will one person's seductive strategy backfire? The claws come out for anonymous Savage Questions, just in time for a game-changing round of ratings.

Return of the Inner Circle

S5 E9 Return of the Inner Circle

Jan. 11,2023

The DMs heat up as players trade advice and apologies, and a Hacker impersonates an unsuspecting competitor. Wild rhymes fly at an animal-themed party.

The Hunt For The Hacker

S5 E10 The Hunt For The Hacker

Jan. 11,2023

One person plays cupid for a smitten contestant. With the Hacker's chat wreaking havoc and a new block about to drop, nobody in The Circle feels safe.

Circle Power Couple

S5 E11 Circle Power Couple

Jan. 11,2023

As The Circle starts to shrink, suspicions grow. Tan France challenges the group to style a mannequin look that stands out.

A Brutal Blocking

S5 E12 A Brutal Blocking

Jan. 11,2023

With two days left, all the players are feeling the love. But when a big move leads to a shocking Blocking, who will have to leave the party early?


S5 E13 Finale

Jan. 18,2023

A secret Superinfluencer blocks one last player before the final five put their cards on the table and Michelle Buteau crowns the season's winner.

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Michelle Buteau

Self - Host