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The Circle Season 4

The Circle Season 4


Another round of the social media competition begins with The Circle season 4. Netflix remarks it the spiciest season in this reality show's history. In this special season, the prize cash escalates from $100,000 to a series-high $150,000 grand prize, and the contestant who ranks the highest among the fellow competitors will win it. There are more twists and dramas in this season.

air date

May. 04,2022

production companies

Studio Lambert

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The Circle Season 4 Episode Guide

A Spicy Start

S4 E1 A Spicy Start

May. 04,2022

The players move in and virtually mingle, chatting about everything from beloved pups to pimple popping. But who will make the best first impression?

Cake Me As I Am

S4 E2 Cake Me As I Am

May. 04,2022

On the heels of a spicy twist, a new competitor makes his way into the game, the crew gets crafty with a cake challenge, and alliances take shape.

90's Party Surprise

S4 E3 90's Party Surprise

May. 04,2022

A player bids farewell and shares parting advice. Two newbies join the game — armed with friendly banter and witch oil. Also, it's '90s party time!

Nobody Is Safe

S4 E4 Nobody Is Safe

May. 04,2022

The gang needs answers as two pop stars work to keep up their ruse. Will they score points or spark suspicions during the trivia challenge?

Goodbye My Friends

S4 E5 Goodbye My Friends

May. 11,2022

A mission comes to a close-but was it a success? After saying goodbye to the pop icons, the group continues the search for catfish.

All Is Fair in Circle War

S4 E6 All Is Fair in Circle War

May. 11,2022

As alliances evolve, one player perfects his bro-cabulary. Meanwhile, ratings are revealed, and comedian Nikki Glaser leads a roast-writing challenge.

The Party Divide

S4 E7 The Party Divide

May. 11,2022

Power takes a painful turn, and an influencer deals with an in-person blocking. Two newcomers join the game including one with a familiar face.

Circle Cyber Attack

S4 E8 Circle Cyber Attack

May. 11,2022

After the parties, the players return to bonding and scheming, until a mysterious and menacing glitch triggers more drama than ever before.

Trust Is Tested

S4 E9 Trust Is Tested

May. 18,2022

A surprising exit challenges an alliance. A fitness frenzy gets the gang moving, and two contestants turn up the heat in an extra sexy private chat.

A Plea for Survival

S4 E10 A Plea for Survival

May. 18,2022

Two players bond over an emotional share, a ratings reveal leaves the group speechless, and the influencers make major moves in front of everybody.

Throw to the Wolves

S4 E11 Throw to the Wolves

May. 18,2022

Who will stay after two powerful pleas? It's time to find out. The competitors pick up the brushes - and turn ruthless - during a painting session.

Just When You Thought You Were Safe

S4 E12 Just When You Thought You Were Safe

May. 18,2022

Suspicions mount over one player's identity. The Circle delivers some surprise tenderness. A secret super influencer selects this season's finalists.

A Winner Is Crowned

S4 E13 A Winner Is Crowned

May. 25,2022

Michelle Buteau reunites this season's players as the game comes to a close - and a winner is named. Who will take home the whopping cash prize?

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