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The Challenge Season 38

The Challenge Season 38


In the hit reality show The Challenge season 38, former winners and the veterans of the show will return and pair up with their friends, exes, or partners for the first time, taking the weekly mental and physical challenge together in order to win one million dollars. The strength of family, love, and friendship will be tested during the twists and turns in the show.

air date

October. 12,2022

production companies

Bunim-Murray Productions (BMP)

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The Challenge Season 38 Episode Guide

Don't Die for Me Argentina

S38 E1 Don't Die for Me Argentina

Oct. 12,2022

The competition is off to the races as a romantic rendezvous creates a love triangle, a cocky competitor makes enemies, and a mole is revealed -- all before the first challenge.

Friend or Faux

S38 E2 Friend or Faux

Oct. 19,2022

An iconic duo joins the game and shakes things up, Tori gets candid about her mental health, the players compete in Balancing Act, and Turbo holds on to old grudges while making new ones.

A Bumpy Ride

S38 E3 A Bumpy Ride

Oct. 26,2022

The new Ride or Dies pair throws Tori for a loop, Tommy and Analyse seek allies, Johnny and Ravyn's dynamic threatens their vitality in the game, and two teams face off in elimination.

Olivin' on the Edge

S38 E4 Olivin' on the Edge

Nov. 02,2022

TJ keeps the surprises coming, several players pair off romantically, the daily challenge tests one vet's biggest fear, and a rookie team cuts a risky deal to stay out of elimination.

Get Rich or Ride or Die Tryin'

S38 E5 Get Rich or Ride or Die Tryin'

Nov. 09,2022

The competitors throw an emo-themed house party, some costly mistakes shake up the competition during a relay challenge, and one team uses its power to go after a veteran player.

Come Michele or High Water

S38 E6 Come Michele or High Water

Nov. 16,2022

Laurel moves on from Horacio to another housemate, Jakk regrets his former friendship with untrustworthy Jay, and Michele's choices leave her racked with guilt.

Deep Web

S38 E7 Deep Web

Nov. 23,2022

Nelson makes new enemies, the housemates become suspicious of Devin's strategy, and two teams face off in a climbing and puzzle elimination.

Born to Ride or Die

S38 E8 Born to Ride or Die

Nov. 30,2022

Bananas celebrates turning 40, the players jump on moving cars in Double Trouble, Nelson faces his toughest choice yet, and two teams try not to get Spun Out in elimination.

Split Decision

S38 E9 Split Decision

Dec. 07,2022

After the intense mini-final challenge Haul or Nothing, one pair of Ride or Dies must make difficult decisions that will change the entire game.

Dancing on My Own

S38 E10 Dancing on My Own

Dec. 14,2022

Jordan's fling with Nurys upsets Tori, the players take on a challenge inspired by "Puss in Boots: The Last Wish," and cracks start to form in the foundation of Faysal's new team.

Nelly: Ride (or Die) Wit Me

S38 E11 Nelly: Ride (or Die) Wit Me

Dec. 21,2022

TJ runs a dizzying trivia challenge, Nurys comes clean with Tori about her relationship with Jordan, and two players face off in the Pato Brawl, an Argentinean update of the Pole Wrestle.

Frenemy of the State

S38 E12 Frenemy of the State

Dec. 28,2022

Devin tries inspiring his teammates to end their losing streak, the players hold on tight in Chopper Drop, and the elimination vote gets ugly when Tori and Jordan's feelings come into play.

Blind Faith

S38 E13 Blind Faith

Jan. 04,2023

Jordan faces blowback for his duplicitous elimination vote, the teams gamble in Blind Faith, and Faysal and Moriah's Ride or Die relationship begins to crack.

Terrorist of Love

S38 E14 Terrorist of Love

Jan. 11,2023

The players pair up for a vertigo-inducing challenge, Tori's fragile relationship with Jordan is threatened by one choice, and TJ changes the game's trajectory with the mother of all twists.

Knot a Problem

S38 E15 Knot a Problem

Jan. 18,2023

Two pairs fight to get back into the game, Amber and Chauncey have a target on their backs, and players must solve a puzzle in the back of an out-of-control bus.

Friends or Froze

S38 E16 Friends or Froze

Jan. 25,2023

The competitors determine who among them are most vulnerable, puzzle and communication skills are tested in Frozen Senseless, and two teams climb to the top in Bridge It.

Riders on the Storm

S38 E17 Riders on the Storm

Feb. 01,2023

Four pairs begin TJ's grueling 100-hour final challenge, and misfortune and miscommunication jeopardize the teams' chances of winning.

The Hours

S38 E18 The Hours

Feb. 08,2023

As the final continues, tempers flare as Devin and Tori try to maintain their lead, an injury sparks an explosive argument, and the challengers face a formidable feast.

The End of the Ride

S38 E19 The End of the Ride

Feb. 15,2023

With 31 hours left in the final, three teams face a cornfield maze and Balls In for a last chance at $1 million in the ultimate test of their physical strength and intelligence.

Reunion (1)

S38 E20 Reunion (1)

Feb. 22,2023

Amber reveals a secret, Johnny, Ravyn and Nurys discuss their love triangle, and Olivia shares the severity of her facial injury.

Reunion (2)

S38 E21 Reunion (2)

Mar. 01,2023

Turbo sends a message, Faysal's comments about Moriah come to light, Tori and Jordan relive their confusing dynamic from this past season, and Nelson's honorable style of play is praised.

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Cast of The Challenge Season 38

Devin Walker-Molaghan


Faysal Shafaat


Johnny 'Bananas' Devenanzio


Nelson Thomas


Johnny Middlebrooks


Turabi Çamkıran


Amber Borzotra


Aneesa Ferreira


Kaycee Clark


Nany González