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Russian Doll Season 2

Russian Doll Season 2


Russian Doll season 2 is set in four years after the first season. Nadia and Alan have a narrow escape from their time loop death cycle and manage to merge their timelines into a normal and safe one. In this season, nearly 40-year-old Nadia is sent to 1982 by a mad train. The portal to the past makes her trapped in her mother's body.

air date

April. 20,2022

production companies

3 Arts Entertainment, Jax Media, Paper Kite Productions

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Russian Doll Season 2 Episode Guide


S2 E1 Nowhen

Apr. 20,2022

Nadia's 40th birthday is a few days away, and she's planning to celebrate it quietly with Alan. Then something really strange happens.

Coney Island Baby

S2 E2 Coney Island Baby

Apr. 20,2022

While hopping around the city searching for missing Krugerrands, Nadia runs into a familiar face who lends her a hand.

Brain Drain

S2 E3 Brain Drain

Apr. 20,2022

Nadia learns an intriguing fact about the family fortune that sends her on a quest for clues — and her situation takes a bizarre new turn.

Station to Station

S2 E4 Station to Station

Apr. 20,2022

Alan gets in touch with his roots in Berlin. On a trip to Budapest, Nadia and Maxine wind up at a mind-bending house party.

Exquisite Corpse

S2 E5 Exquisite Corpse

Apr. 20,2022

Nadia tracks down the stolen valuables and formulates a plan to secure her family's future. But she comes to a grim realization.

Schrödinger's Ruth

S2 E6 Schrödinger's Ruth

Apr. 20,2022

After the weirdest subway ride yet, Nadia navigates a puzzling predicament. Meanwhile, Alan desperately tries to find Nadia.


S2 E7 Matryoshka

Apr. 20,2022

On Nadia's birthday, she and Alan reunite in a familiar place. But they clash over how to handle the future (and the past).

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Cast of Russian Doll Season 2

Natasha Lyonne

Nadia Vulvokov

Charlie Barnett

Alan Zaveri

Greta Lee


Chloë Sevigny

Lenora Vulvokov

Elizabeth Ashley

Ruth Brenner