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Reservation Dogs Season 2

Reservation Dogs Season 2


Willy Jack strives to break the curse as the town heals from the tornado. The road trip of Elora and Jackie goes south. Little Bear was hired. At the NARDS Youth Summit, two powerful individuals made an effort to unite the younger generation. Willy Jack chooses to take Daniel's letter and consult the past as memories start to flood in.

air date

August. 03,2022

production companies

Scott Rudin Productions, FX Productions

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Reservation Dogs Season 2 Episode Guide

The Curse

S2 E1 The Curse

Aug. 03,2022

As the town recovers from the tornado aftermath, Willie Jack tries to reverse a curse.


S2 E2 Run

Aug. 03,2022

Elora and Jackie’s road trip takes a turn for the worse.


S2 E3 Roofing

Aug. 10,2022

Bear gets a job.


S2 E4 Mabel

Aug. 17,2022

The village comes together to send Mabel on her journey.

Wide Net

S2 E5 Wide Net

Aug. 24,2022

The Aunties let loose while at their yearly IHS conference.


S2 E6 Decolonativization

Aug. 31,2022

Two influencers attempt to bring the younger generation together at the NARDS Youth Summit.

Stay Gold Cheesy Boy

S2 E7 Stay Gold Cheesy Boy

Sep. 07,2022

Cheese does time.

This Is Where the Plot Thickens

S2 E8 This Is Where the Plot Thickens

Sep. 14,2022

Big takes a trip down memory lane.


S2 E9 Offerings

Sep. 21,2022

With a letter from Daniel, Willie Jack seeks guidance from the past.

I Still Believe

S2 E10 I Still Believe

Sep. 28,2022

The Rez Dogs make it to LA.

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Cast of Reservation Dogs Season 2

D'Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai

Bear Smallhill

Lane Factor


Paulina Alexis

Willie Jack

Elva Guerra


Devery Jacobs

Elora Danan Postoak