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Love Is Blind Season 3

Love Is Blind Season 3


Love Is Blind season 3 returns with 30 new participants and aims to be the most heated reality TV show nowadays. During a new round of chasing love, new singles will continue to embark on a journey to the unknown marriage with unknown people. It is more like an experiment than a TV series. Whether love is blind or not, the answer lies in each couple's choice on the final decision day.

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October. 19,2022

production companies

Kinetic Content

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Love Is Blind Season 3 Episode Guide

Welcome to Love Is Blind!

S3 E1 Welcome to Love Is Blind!

Oct. 19,2022

Things move quickly as a new group makes intense connections in the pods. One couple trades three little words, and then four: "Will you marry me?"

Love Triangles and Love Triumphs

S3 E2 Love Triangles and Love Triumphs

Oct. 19,2022

For one woman, the third shot at love might be the charm. Bartise and Nancy both feel torn between two different people. Two more couples get engaged.

The First Night Together

S3 E3 The First Night Together

Oct. 19,2022

Nancy weighs two proposals and finds clarity. The second phase of the experiment begins as five engaged couples leave the pods and head to Malibu.

Meet Your Exes

S3 E4 Meet Your Exes

Oct. 19,2022

The couples settle into real-life time together in Malibu and finally meet each other at a cocktail night, where old feelings cause a few new bumps.

Trouble in Paradise

S3 E5 Trouble in Paradise

Oct. 26,2022

Romantic dates and a pool party cement bonds for some couples but raise doubts for others. Cole is surprisingly honest, ruffling a few feathers.

Return to Reality

S3 E6 Return to Reality

Oct. 26,2022

Transitioning back into their everyday lives in Dallas, the couples navigate frank conversations around finances and meet each others' families.

Impress the Parents

S3 E7 Impress the Parents

Oct. 26,2022

More meetings with family and friends lead to soul-searching. At a bar night, a particular conversation at the pool party makes waves all over again.

The Perfect Fit

S3 E8 The Perfect Fit

Nov. 02,2022

One couple works through setbacks and another pair resets while others get to know their partners' friends. The brides and grooms go shopping.

The Last Supper

S3 E9 The Last Supper

Nov. 02,2022

With a few days left before the weddings, the couples enjoy romantic final dates. Colleen expresses doubts. Can one couple resolve their conflicts?

Approaching the Altar

S3 E10 Approaching the Altar

Nov. 02,2022

The ladies hit the strip club for their bachelorette party, while the guys get their hands dirty at the rodeo. Wedding day dawns for two couples.

The Wedding Day

S3 E11 The Wedding Day

Nov. 09,2022

As more couples head to the altar, some finish the day heartbroken while others — despite their doubts — take the plunge and say, "I do."

The Reunion

S3 E12 The Reunion

Nov. 09,2022

This season's current and former couples sit down with Nick and Vanessa for an emotional conversation to clear the air and look back at their wild ride.

After the Altar: Soulmates and Blank Slates

S3 E13 After the Altar: Soulmates and Blank Slates

Feb. 10,2023

While one married couple enjoys wedded bliss, another negotiates big questions. One-time exes reconnect. The women and men meet up separately to debrief.

After the Altar: The Party is Just Getting Started

S3 E14 After the Altar: The Party is Just Getting Started

Feb. 10,2023

Preparing for Alexa's birthday bash, Nancy has an emotional conversation with her family and Zanab gets glam. Drama swirls around Cole at the party.

After the Altar: A Second Shot at Love?

S3 E15 After the Altar: A Second Shot at Love?

Feb. 10,2023

Colleen and Matt navigate challenges as they look to the future. One man, hoping for a second chance at marriage, plans a grand gesture.

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