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LEGO Masters Season 3

LEGO Masters Season 3


This season of a competition that aims to unleash the inventiveness and creativity of Australia's top Lego fitters promises to elevate the sport to a whole new level. Up for grabs is a brand-new platinum brick that will save the winning team from elimination. In order to win, they face many great challenges. Each week, contestants are given tasks to build objects out of Lego bricks based on a specified theme and are judged on their results. The contestants will then be eliminated, and the winner will be determined.

air date

April. 19,2021

production companies

LEGO, EndemolShine Australia

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LEGO Masters Season 3 Episode Guide

Stop In Your Tracks

S3 E1 Stop In Your Tracks

Apr. 19,2021

The contest designed to push the imagination and creativity of Australia's best LEGO builders returns for a third season, and this season promises to take the competition to a whole new level. Up for grabs is the all new Platinum Brick which will give the winning team immunity from an elimination. To win it, they face a massive first challenge. Teams must create a show stopping piece that will stop a train in its tracks. They have 17 hours to complete their builds.

Castles and Cannonballs

S3 E2 Castles and Cannonballs

Apr. 20,2021

All eight teams are playing for immunity from the elimination build. They are asked to create a beautiful castle that will spectacularly explode as a bowling ball is hurled at it.

Snow Globe (Elimination)

S3 E3 Snow Globe (Elimination)

Apr. 21,2021

In the first elimination of the competition, teams will have 10 hours to build a world inside a snow globe.

Fantastical Beasts / Mission to Mars (Elimination)

S3 E4 Fantastical Beasts / Mission to Mars (Elimination)

Apr. 25,2021

In the first of two challenges, teams are tasked with creating an entirely new creature by blending the DNA of two existing animals.

Hero's Quest

S3 E5 Hero's Quest

Apr. 26,2021

Teams have 12 hours to create a build that explores the theme of the 'hero's quest'. Adventure, danger, high stakes, precious treasure and a huge journey - even a bit of magic and mystery. It's all part of the hero's quest.

Cut In Half (Elimination)

S3 E6 Cut In Half (Elimination)

Apr. 27,2021

The return of a classic challenge: Cut In Half! Teams choose from a range of items that have been cut in half. Their challenge is to use their imagination in creating the other half of the object from Lego.

Hot Air Balloon / Go Big or Go Home (Elimination)

S3 E7 Hot Air Balloon / Go Big or Go Home (Elimination)

May. 02,2021

Teams must build something that floats, suspended from their very own hot air balloon, for a minimum of 10 seconds.

Four Seasons (Elimination)

S3 E8 Four Seasons (Elimination)

May. 03,2021

Our teams battle it out in a double elimination challenge. Four giant base plates representing summer, autumn, winter and spring will come together to show the four seasons. Teams will have eight hours to create one of the seasons.

Arcade Game

S3 E9 Arcade Game

May. 04,2021

Teams are tasked with creating their very own arcade game out of Lego.

Race / Dream Home (Elimination)

S3 E10 Race / Dream Home (Elimination)

May. 09,2021

In the first of two challenges, teams are required to build a vehicle that can race down a purpose-built track in the shortest time possible. In the second challenge, they are tasked with building their ultimate dream home.

Heroic Moment of Impact

S3 E11 Heroic Moment of Impact

May. 10,2021

In a celebration of the Marvel cinematic universe, teams will have access to an exclusive Brick Pit and collection of Mini Fig characters for a build that needs to show a heroic moment of impact.

House of Colour (Elimination)

S3 E12 House of Colour (Elimination)

May. 11,2021

In this challenge, each team is provided with a greyscale house. The challenge is to bring their house to life with colour. The build with the least impressive story and aesthetics will go home.

Out on a Limb (Elimination)

S3 E13 Out on a Limb (Elimination)

May. 16,2021

In the penultimate episode, the four remaining teams are required to dress an empty tree branch that is connected to a life-size LEGO tree.


S3 E14 Finale

May. 17,2021

Three teams battle it out in a 28-hour grand finale challenge as they strive to be crowned LEGO Masters and claim the $100,000 prize.

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Cast of LEGO Masters Season 3

Hamish Blake

Himself - Host

Ryan McNaught

Himself - Judge